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Bottlecaps (CAP)
2.1 Update is out - Update before 7/4/2014.: On July 4th 2014. BottleCaps will hard fork. These changes are: 200% yearly degrading stake, with 1000 coin max reward. Time drift will move from 2 hours to 15 minutes. Min/Max stake will move from 30/90 days to 15/45. Negative time value attack vector plugged. There are also many updates to the wallet. Including: Fast connect (IRC has been replaced by seed nodes), Fast start (QT opens in seconds as compared to mins), Fast stake (very little gui lag when staking many thousand inputs), New and upgraded rpc commands, GUI enhancements, including new wallet menu, on board staking information, clickable icons, and others. Specifications: Algorithm: PoW Scrypt with PoS (add 51% resistance with the PoS) Block Time: 60 seconds Difficulty: Started at 0.25  with a 4hr Difficulty target time NO INSTAMINE Reward: 10 coins per block until the end Block confirmations: 5 No Premine Default RPC: 8385 Default P2P: 7685 Downloads Version 2.1 Released 6/4/2014.  Source: https://github.com/bottlecaps-foundation/bottlecaps Windows QT: https://github.com/Tranz5/bottlecaps/releases Official Nodes addnode=          Central USA addnode=            Western USA (Dedicated) addnode=          Eastern USA (Dedicated)   LINKS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bottlecaps/629515757059363 Official Forum https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/242-bottlecaps-cap Block Explorer http://cap.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Version 2.0 Release notes here: https://github.com/Tranz5/bottlecaps/releases/tag/2.0 Please update before July 4, 2014! Installation instructions Windows QT: 1. Close your client and delete the folder that contains Bottlecaps 1.4.1 2. Install the new 2.0 client 3. Click Start and search Run. 4. Run the location %appdata% 5. Navigate to roaming/Bottlecaps 6. Delete everything in this folder accept Wallet.dat and BottleCaps.conf 7. In your Bottlecaps.conf folder remove all nodes and add the following listen=1 addnode=           addnode=             addnode=           8. Start BottleCaps 2.0 client For users who dont know how to Create/ Edit a .Conf file I will update the sample provided below often along with the update time. Simply place the file in the folder user/appdata/roaming/bottlecaps Which can also be found by Start button / search "run", then  run  %appdata% navigate to roaming / bottlecaps A wonderful list can be gather here as well thanks to Petr1fied http://bottlecaps.kicks-ass.net/peers.php You will need to download the blockchain from the start but it should sync right to the correct chain no problem. If your client pauses on a specific block for a long period of time simply restart your client as it is sifting through bad peers restarting get will you on your way. If not deleting peers.dat and restarting also might help If you are still having problems syncing to the correct chain Pm me or John Eden for further assistance. But I put much time into assuring it would not sync to an incorrect chain.   Solo Mine  To solo make a bottlecaps.conf text file with rpcuser=USERNAME rpcpassword=x rpcallowip=192.168.*.* rpcport=8385 addnode= daemon=1 server=1 listen=1   and save it into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\BottleCaps Restart wallet and mine to your ip and the port  
Robert Pearson
About us - https://freiexchange.com This exchange was created in December 2016 due the lack of exchange points for Freicoin. It was developed by Fedde and extensive testing was done by Fabrizio and Skaro from the Freicoin Alliance Forum. We keep it as simple as possible with the basic functions and a small api. Over time when time allows it we will try and expand it with more functions. All hardware has been provided by Sicanet. Special thanks to : Fedde - Development and Hardware Fabrizio - Extensive testing and debugging Skaro - Extensive testing and calculation remotehorst - General testing Alliance Forum Members - Normal Testing   Donations are always welcome to keep things running FRC : 1413RS7yvjsukxjGqKfK14g3JWhW84o7Fn BTC : 1F42xewVciifc1mJ3khtk86MQCsQGcGcry Any problems, comments or questions, use https://helpdesk.freiexchange.com You can also reach us on the Telegram #Freicoin channel :https://t.me/freiexchange
West Texas
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West Texas is the third most arid and desolate places in the U.S. that has a much lower population density than the rest of the state. Presideo Marfa
Wim Hof
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Wim Hof is a Dutch athelete also known as simply The Iceman for his ability to withstand extreme cold, which he attributes to his Wim Hof Method breathing techniques based on Tibetan Tummo meditation but without its religious components.