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Personal Transport Devices
Personal Transport Devices The electric scooter. ... The electric skateboard. ... The electric bicycle / electric folding bike. ... The electric unicycle (aka self-balancing unicycle) ... The electric moped scooter. ... The hoverboard (aka self-balancing scooter) ... The Onewheel / Onewheel + ... The Segway E+ / Airwheel S3 & clones.
3D Printers
The seven different types of 3D printers Fused deposition modeling (FDM) Stereolithography(SLA) Digital Light Processing(DLP) Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Selective laser melting (SLM) Laminated object manufacturing (LOM) Digital Beam Melting (EBM)
Arduino City
Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. Arduino consists of both a physical programmable circuit board (often referred to as a microcontroller) and a piece of software, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs on your computer, used to write and upload computer code to the physical board
The Orville
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The Orville is a Star Trek Parody. I really thought this show was going to be stupid, but they really pulled it off and funny.
HoboNickels (HBN)
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Home landing page: http://www.hobonickels.info/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hobonickels-HBN-Crypto-Currency/672818916094322 Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/search?q=hobonickels A history of the Hobo Nickel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobo_nickel The Original Hobo Nickel Society: http://www.hobonickels.org/ Proof of Work(Ending at block 6.0 Million):  Scrypt  5 coin blocks 2 Min Bocktime. Proof of Stake: 100% Max Yearly Reward 20% Min yearly Reward. 250 Max PoS Reward Features: Dynamically Loadable Wallets  Updated Coin Control Auto Check Points Easy Accessible Peer, Stake, and Block information Click-able icons Stake For Charity  Built in Block Browser and Network Graph Split/Combine User Settings HBN Icon created by Jay Hobo. Windows 32, Mac and Linux - 2.0.1:  https://github.com/Tranz5/HoboNickels/releases/latest Source Code: https://github.com/Crypto-Expert/HoboNickels  For more detailed information about version 2.0 please see here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=303749.msg21683688#msg21683688 Block Chain Download: http://hobonickels.info/HBNBlockChain.zip   Updated every 1 to 2 months. 
Anthony C McInerney
Hobo Mat
Noblecoin (NOBL)
NobleCoin 100% PoS - Parameters: - algo: we use PoS II from Magi Coin with little bit of tweaking - 8% interest rate - average maximum number of coins generated by PoS per day: around 446 000, which is 6,1% of current supply rate - min coin age: 2 hours - how to stake: just keep your wallet online. the longer it is online the more secure is whole network. if you cannot keep your wallet online 24/7  this is still fine but you will earn bit more interests if it is online all the time - recommended size of transactions in a wallet: if your wallet is big (e.g. bigger than 5-10 mil) it makes sense to split it into smaller pieces. in theory the best transaction size is 2 mil.   Quote NobleCoin wallet (by eagleflies) - Version 2.0.2 Download: https://github.com/eagleflies/noblecoin/wiki/Download Git repository: https://github.com/eagleflies/noblecoin Documentation: https://github.com/eagleflies/noblecoin/wiki FAQ: https://github.com/eagleflies/noblecoin/wiki/FAQ Download .zip (Windows):  http://noble.ilikebtc.com/noblecoin-latest.zip Bounties: https://github.com/eagleflies/noblecoin/wiki/Bounties NobleCoin Exchanges: Cryptopia NobleCoin Community: IRC: (http://webchat.freenode.net) (#NobleCoin) (Official channel) OFTC: (http://webchat.oftc.net/) (#NobleCoin)* IRC2P: (#NobleCoin)* *For privacy and security oriented users. Our community  (including the large pool operators) hang out on Freenode. Makes it easy to stay up-to-date on ongoing developments. Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/NobleCoin LinkedIn NOBLE Movement Page: (Thanks eboard10!) http://www.linkedin.com/groups/NobleCoin-P2P-Digital-Currency-7449332 NobleCoin International: Français | Deutsch |Pyccкий | 中文 | Nederlands |Português | Swedish | Español | Italiano | Polski NobleCoin Press: 31/10: NobleCoin to Issue Colored Coin for Their Crypto-Centric Ecosystem 19/10: Altcoin of the Week: NobleCoin - POS/POW, whitepapers, Gröestl Merge Mining & Marketplace 9/13: NobleCoin Marketplace Adds PSN, Xbox, Steam, Blizzard & Many More Gift Cards at 15% Discount 9/8: NobleCoin Proof of Action Campaign 22/8: NobleCoin: Staying with NOBL Through the Good, the Bad & the Ugly 10/8: NobleCoin Marketplace & OpenBazaar: Clarification From the Developer 23/7: NobleCoin July 2014 Update: Lots of Positive Changes Coming 14/6: NobleCoin Going Proof of Stake Soon 8/6: Here's Why NobleCoin is One of the Best All-Round Altcoins Out There - It Has Actual Value & Use! 30/5: NobleCoin Marketplace Discount at 18%, Big Savings on Amazon/Newegg/Steam with Crypto! 26/5: NobleCoin Marketplace: Best Place to Buy Gift Cards Payable With Crypto 23/5: NobleCoin Marketplace Discount Increasing by 1% Daily as of Today 20/5: NobleCoin Now Accepted by 50 Merchants, Marketplace Plans & More 18/5: Altcoin Herald: 4 Question Interview With Jason Curby of NobleCoin 14/5: More NobleCoin Marketplace Features Coming, New Promotional Video 11/5: NobleCoin Trading Volume & Value Up by Over 50% 3/5: NobleCoin Added to Vault of Satoshi! 23/4: NobleCoin Changes Coming: Reduced Supply Cap & Block Rewards After Hard Fork 20/4: NobleCoin's Upward Price Correction, Finally Getting Long Deserved Support 19/4: NobleCoin Launches My Noble Act, Price Jumps 17/4: NobleCoin Kickstarter Platform Coming Soon + My Noble Act 30/3: HLTV: NobleCoin Sponsors Reliable.CA, "snk" rejoins as new 5th 9/3: NobleCoin to Go Back Up? NobleCoin Developers Announce New Features 8/3: NobleCoin the Best Bang for Your Buck, Big Plans Revealed! 4/3: ESEA: NobleCoin Sponsors Reliable.CA! 4/3: CEVO: NobleCoin Sponsors Reliable.CA – Enters the eSports Scene 1/3: The NobleCoin Network: Gearing Up 22/2: BTCGeek: Technical Innovation vs. Social Innovation: NobleCoin Case Study 19/2: NobleCoin Well for The Water Project - Funding Completed! 14/2: NobleCoin Marketplace Now Accepting Bitcoin! 12/2: NobleCoin Marketplace Open For Business! 9/2: NobleCoin Marketplace Launching in Two Days! 5/2: CoinMarketCap Adding NobleCoin 'Today'! 5/2: $4000 Donation Point Passed for The Water Project 2/2: 50% & $3000 Donation Point Passed for The Water Project 31/1: NobleCoin in Crypto Monthly Issue #1 28/1: CoinPayments adds NobleCoin, 42 and Others 26/1: $1000 Donation Point Passed for The Water Project 24/1: WorldCoin is Noble, NobleCoin is Helping the World 24/1: NobleCoin & The Water Project 22/1: Come & Meet the NobleCoin Ambassadors 20/1: Poloniex Adds More Coins, Includes NobleCoin & LTC/NXT Pair 19/1: NobleCoin on its first exchange: CoinMarket.io 19/1: NobleCoin Hits Its First Exchange! 18/1: NobleCoin: Bounties for Everyone! 15/1: NobleCoin - Liberty, Prosperity & Security 14/1: Interview With the Makers of NobleCoin
Oodles Blockchain