By: on February 6, 2019
Join our Bitmex Community - & make the most of your Bitmex Trading One of the best  strategy to gain profit in trading is to automate it. We have been able to integrate the best strategy in our Premium BOT for Bitmex, which has not been yielding great profit Over 200 to 400% profit has been yielded by our Premium Bitmex Bot. If you don’t have a System still you can operate our BOT. You just need to have one smart phone which is more than enough to yield profit.
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If you are a Bitmex Trader, then we are your “Final Destination” for Profit Our Bitmex Signal success ratio is great, as our loss and profit calculations are excellent. You gain more without any risk. We are Truly UNIQUE as we also provide Premium BOT for Bitmex. What does Premium BOT do on Bitmex? 1 – It detects the Premium Signals from Telegram & executes on Bitmex with your desired leverage & size 2 – It also makes all the following Independent trades: a)Day Trading b) Guerrilla Tradi...
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The best Bitmex Trading Bot available in the market is none other than our Premium Bot. It has all the features to make excellent profit on consistent basis.  It shows signals + it trades on signals + it trades independently + it trades with various strategies to yield great profit. You get the best in our Premium Community Join the largest Bitmex Community here -
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By: on January 13, 2019
It has long since been a secret that Belarus is the undisputed world leader when it comes to implementing a constructive environment for the adoption and development of blockchain technology. The use of cryptocurrency, running of ICOs utilisation of blockchain technology and smart contracts were fully legalised in the country in March 2018 when Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian president, signed a presidential decree (No. 8) enforcing the new law. Furthermore, a range of tax breaks and legal ...
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By: on January 12, 2019
Welcome to Customized Shirt Middle! We provide the best in custom printed or embroidered T-shirts and different apparel. We’re here to serve your each customized printed garment want. With our talented staff and state of the art production equipment, we will handle nearly any customized printing request. No matter you want your custom shirts to say, nonetheless you need to say it, we’re your go-to source for excellent quality and nice worth. At Custom Shirt Center, we do things right. We neve...
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By: on January 7, 2019
Blockfolio is everyone’s favourite cryptocurrency investment tracker. The app, available for both iOS and Android, has over 5 million users and allows for the tracking of more than 6000 blockchain assets with data pulled from over 250 exchanges. The wide support for Blockfolio has contributed to its dominance amongst cryptocurrency investors. If you haven’t heard of Blockfolio we recommend downloading the app and visiting their website for more details, links to both are available at the end of ...
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By: on January 4, 2019
Whilst 2018 will not be remembered as a golden year for cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, it was an extremely fundamental year for Skeincoin (SKC) and the Skeincoin LLC company. The Skeincoin project was revived in November 2017 by Andrej Ashuev, now the CEO of the Skeincoin LLC company, who assembled a new team comprised of both new and old Skeincoin team members. An ambitious aim was set to become one of the world’s largest and most useful cryptocurrencies. Armed with superior tec...
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By: on January 4, 2019
Skeincoin LLC is proud to announce it is working in collaborating with VINT Consult, The Entrepreneurs Confederation of Belarus and The Belarusian Cryptocurrency association to create Skein Crypto World, a national cryptocurrency exchange. The development of this project is a large undertaking and aims to revolutionise the way cryptocurrency is used, traded and adopted worldwide. Negotiations have been undertaken with one of the largest commercial banks in Belarus, who will finance the devel...
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By: on January 4, 2019
In one of its most symbolic partnerships to date, Skeincoin is very excited to announce that it will be working closely with Assist Belarus! Assist Belarus is itself a subsidiary of Assist, Russia’s largest online and electronic payments company specialising specifically in facilitating payments infrastructure. The company currently connects over 3000 businesses and enterprises online and meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), an international security standard ...
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By: on January 4, 2019
Skeincoin is proud to announce its recent partnership with VINT Consult. The company has been operational for almost 7 years providing a plethora of services including business planning, marketing, HR consulting and it also helps businesses achieve strategic success as well as operational goals. VINT consult serves many businesses and despite its base in Belarus, it now reaches clients in many countries including: Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Cyprus. VINT consult is not restricted ...
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By: on January 4, 2019
Here at Skeincoin we are proud to announce our partnership AirCoins! Often termed the ‘Pokemon Go’ of crypto, AirCoins is an app in which you can find cryptocurrency in augmented reality (AR) with your smartphone! The app is supported on both Android and iOS, and at present offers a wide variety of coins or tokens to find out and about in the real world. Examples of coins already supported and ready to find include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Electra and PacCoin! The app is free to download and us...
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By: on January 4, 2019
You may know about Skeincoin (SKC) or you may not. Either way, you will in the know by the end of the article, and you will be glad of it! We’re all busy people so let’s cut to the chase! From transaction costs of <$0.0001, to its ability of processing 10,000 transactions per second (with lightning) there are many reasons one may be interested in Skeincoin, however these are just two of many reasons why Skeincoin is a true hidden gem. Today I want to discuss a brief history of the Skeincoin t...
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