by on February 29, 2020

Crypto-city has worked out a deal for Hyperstake listing.  SouthXchange is willing to list HYP for 0.125 instead of the 0.20 btc. This is the time for the community to pitch in.   Let's make this happen and keep HYP moving forward.  This is an exchange with decent liquidity.   It's not huge, but keeps HYP going in the right direction.

Everyone can contribute to this  BTC address to contribute towards the listing fee:   13BXLmRFvQvN9gHcVFmcr3Jt2shnGxhbLx

or to the SouthX account: 3DtAT8t9Y5W3ax9mfvnU8kruiAXxrYRYuv

Please post your contributions if you want to share with the community or pm me so we can keep track.

Once we have enough we'll submit it to the SouthXchange for listing.  We'll continue to work with the exchange as well as keep plugging along with Hyperstake marketing and support.

We'll continually update this post.

2/29/2020: 0.008693910 btc

2/29/2020 0.010553440  btc

3/4/2020 0.00030000  btc

3/12/2020 0.010596610 btc

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