Cameron McCloskey
by on January 4, 2019

Skeincoin LLC is proud to announce it is working in collaborating with VINT Consult, The Entrepreneurs Confederation of Belarus and The Belarusian Cryptocurrency association to create Skein Crypto World, a national cryptocurrency exchange. The development of this project is a large undertaking and aims to revolutionise the way cryptocurrency is used, traded and adopted worldwide. Negotiations have been undertaken with one of the largest commercial banks in Belarus, who will finance the development of this national stock exchange. Skeincoin LLC has been tasked with the development of the base currency of the exchange which will be a third-generation cryptocurrency for use on the exchange. This cryptocurrency will be used to trade against other cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

Skein Crypto World will be unique in many regards, but most notably in its integrity to the blockchain community around the world, its level of security and its position to operate more freely due to the legal structure in Belarus with regards to the operations of cryptocurrency related companies or operations. There is no other country in the world where such an endeavour as the creation of a national cryptocurrency exchange can yet be achieved. In this view, Belarus is the first mover when it comes to bringing cryptocurrency to the masses.

The exchange aims to be the NASDAQ of the blockchain sphere and with the backing that Skeincoin LLC has to create such an exchange, this feat is not an overestimation. 

As alluded to previously, Skeincoin LLC has been tasked with the development of the base currency for the exchange. The total amount of coins, price and the distribution of them has not yet been settled, however the major bank involved will hold a large proportion of such coins. This means that cryptocurrency itself will be safer than ever to buy and more easily brought to the masses. Skeincoin (SKC) will itself be listed on Skein Crypto World.

At Skeincoin LLC, we believe this project will bring increased credibility to the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, yet also distinction to SKC itself. This effort will provide SKC with increased liquidity as well as the ability for Skeincoin LLC to progress faster with the development of SKC itself in order to create one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, both in terms of its technological prowess, but also in its implementation into the Skeinpay payment system which will be usable worldwide.

Link to the video presentation:

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