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Michael Teegarden
Correction! iPRO Network is a eCommerce Education Platform for individuals and aspiring entrepreneur's to gain access to all the tools to Start an e-commerce business. PRO Commerce is a Crypto project listed on BitcoinTalk Forum. PRO Currency is a Coin Designed for the Retail Industry, PRO is Launching an App and rolling out multiple Apps over the next year for Consumers and Merchants to utilize. iProNetwork and PRO are separate entities and partnered with a similar vision about Digital Currency and eCommerce for the future, in an effort to spread mass awareness and usage of Digital Currency BUT also happens to be backed by NOT ONLY 4500 and counting Big, Established Retailers but also had Media Coverage nationwide by over 100 Well Known Media sources.
Updates are completed, but we still more in the pipeline. :)
This sounds like an MLM off the onecoin scam playbook, which is not what crypto currency is all about, but to each their own.
March 23, 2017: What's Ahead - Crypto-city Crypto Currency

March 23, 2017: What's Ahead - Crypto-city Crypto Currency

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Just a quick update.

Over the next few weeks the Crypto-city website will undergo some back-end updates. Once the updates are completed we will begin planning for the Crypto-city crypto currency.

As a reminder, you will not be able to purchase the coins directly, but you will be able to redeemed them with your Crypto-city activity points when the coins are ready to be released at a future date. This will give everyone an opportunity to accumulate Crypto-city points.

You can earn activity points by staying active and contributing activities such as inviting friends to join you on Crypto-city, blogging, sharing videos, photos, writing forum threads or making comments.

When you have more friends, It's easier to earn points which you can trade for our future crypto currency at a future date. If you don't have any friends in your network, no one will be able to see your post or activities. Essentually, you are by yourself. So be sure to bring over some friends. 

PS: The coin will be geared towards privacy, efficiency and mass adoption as we'll be building out the infrastructure ourselves.. ;-) If you don't have points you will not be able to get our future Crypto-city currency.

Why is it setup this way?

  • We believe in rewarding those that share a similar vision of a better crypto future on a global scale, so the points you have earned are reflective of your  efforts to build this future with us. :thumbsup::heart:

What can I do to help make this future a reality?

  • Establish or join communinties in the pages or groups section of the city on topics that matters to you.
  • Start or moderate a conversation at a local level or collaborate online.
  • Grow your community by inviting others into the community.
  • Start local meetups.
  • Let your creativity flow. Use your imagniation.

Tinkerer, into sustainability, food and power production, and crypto head.
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Michael Zinck
Looking forward to the development of CC currency. I hope you will add a wallet and deposit at StakeMiners once it reaches POS.
Micheal. It will definitely be POS, but not the normal stuff ;)
Estie Trixie
Great news, can't wait.:)
Yazen Anarki
Excellent, looking forward to the launch of your currency.
Site-wide updates are currently in progress.
Karam Milton Singh
I am New here hope for the best :)
Carl Hartke
I am new here as well!!! Has anyone here heard of a new coin coming out called ProCoin??
Estie Trixie
I went to see and all the site was out...Don't know??
Updates are completed, but we still more in the pipeline. :)

It will be interesting:

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