For many reasons using subdomains is a far superior way to manage your nodes explorers pools ect. This is a clipnote get it done guide. I figure this is as good of time as any since im helping a friend in the lab set up for his own project.

The very first thing your going to need is a domain. You can use any domain you already own as we will be using SUB domains. Is this case ProChef owns . In the spirit of things the five large oceans ie keep in mind it does not matter if ProChef has these set up yet we know he owns .


If you are unable to edit your code or do not own a domain… you will need both those things also keep in mind you will need new wallets built to to use the domain for network connections. So with domains in mind were going to open up our network setting in the net.cpp of SafeSeafood coin . your settings could be in a file called chainparms also. Really they could be in a file named whatever the developer felt like using. If you can't find something similar to this example consider using grep to find keywords like DNS, Seed, Node. thankfully ours is on net.cpp



You may also note ive added . is one of our domains ive set up SSF on a subdomain of ssfdns in the net.cpp this is the domain i will be using to start his chain. Later it can be pointed at the pool or an explorer, another node the SAME NODE (name server redundancy)or nowhere at all. The ability to move your seed nodes or services without a mandatory update to your users mission critical. If you only use ips at some point you are going to have an issue.

Now that we have coded our nodes were going to head over to godaddy. You can use other services im starting to use google domains. Godaddy is the most used and easiest. If you don't mind things being slightly more complicated google is cheaper after the 1st year, they have 3 times the amount of nameservers. And easily 50 times more .whatevers to choose from. Also privacy and ssl are FREE. On the other hand you can get a domain for a year at godaddy and then transfer it to google or somewhere else after the year but be forewarned some of the $.99 domains will NOT transfer out as no one else supports them xyz comes to mind. At this point you will have to chose to pay whatever they ask maybe as high as $40 even more if you want privacy, it would have been cheaper to pay google 12-20 a year for the full service they offer.


First were going to sign in and go to domains then all domains

then select the dropdown from the right hand side and select Manage DNS

From the bottom right of the record list select add

Type of record is A

Host is our sub domain prefix in this case ssfdns

Points to is where the ip for your node or sevice goes

TTL .. im not sure its set to one hr and has something to do with how often your info is refreshed because i want it to happen sooner then later ill set it to a custom time of 600 seconds then click save 


your sub domain should now show in your records like so 


now we can test the subdomain from any teminal 

in our case we want to run ping to verify we are up and running

and indeed our ping to the subdomain is retuning the ip address we added so were all set as far as the connection

keep in mind you need to also have the wallets running on the node to use them also dont be afrade to add extra

sub domains to the code you dont have to use them all and you cant just update the wallets the users are holding 

its better to have extra when you need them then not enough the wallet will just see them as not working it wont hurt anything






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