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Version 1.3 introduces a new feature wherein you can convert Gemstones, Chunks, Fragments, and Slivers of a certain element into a different element. Needs Dust of Azoth Item A new item that will be introduced in the Version 1.3 Update of Genshin Impact is needed to covert Character Materials.

There are several ways to convert your Genesis Crystals to Primogems in Genshin Impact. The easiest way to do so is through in-app purchases. You can buy 300 Crystals for $5, 980 Crystals for $15, and 1980 for $20. You can also buy a full set of Genesis Crystals for $50 or six480 for $100.

Genesis Crystals are Genshin Impact's premium currency bought with real-world currency. They can then be traded for a range of other in-game items. There are a couple of places you will find Genesis Crystals for sale within the game. In-Game and PS Stores

You may need to reach certain AR ranks before this is possible. 2. Choose The Special "Convert" Tab. Go to the top of the screen and click the Convert tab. This will open up a new "Convert" section. 3. Choose From The List To Convert. Choose among the resources you want from the list based on the elemental items you need.

Genshin Impact playlist .youtube /playlist?list=PLVMv19xGpuXLcASfmby2VDq7nPCS8HOzxIn V3.0, Tubby at the Serenitea Pot now allows us to conver

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Converting is a Crafting Method available at Crafting Benches to perform Alchemy . It allows players to convert materials from one type to another using a catalyst. Contents 1 Character Ascension Materials 2 Transfigured Dreams 3 Change History 4 Navigation Character Ascension Materials Main article: Dust of Azoth

CONVERT ELEMENTAL GEMS USING DUST OF AZOTH GENSHIN IMPACTHi everyone! Here's a quick video explaining how to convert elemental gemstones by using dust of azo

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Crystal Chunks are the rarest (so far) non-elemental crystal. They have a shiny blue luster which separates them from the other ores in the game. Massive quantities of these are also needed to craft rare materials and equipments in the game. Below are the confirmed areas where Crystal Chunks can be found.

Genesis Crystals are Genshin Impactspremium currency bought with real-world currency. There are several ways to convert your Genesis Crystals to Primogems in Genshin Impact. The easiest way to do so is through in-app purchases. You can buy 300 Crystals for $5, 980 Crystals for $15, and 1980 for $20.

Lelystad. Lelystad is a city and a municipality in the middle of Holland. It is also the capital city of the province of Flevoland. The city itself has only existed since 1967 when the last draining of the water was complete and the land was no longer under the sea. This means that the whole of the city is fairly new and so does not have the