Andrew Moran
Hello All, I am a new member here so couldn't put a fancy announcement together but have been watching Crypto Currency from its infancy...a few years after the internet became prevalent with Wei Dai and "b-money". I am not a programmer, though I wish I new more languages...I am here today to introduce the TTrust Network...The Tarrant...which is a work in progress.
I am not here selling coins or begging for money...We need and want a P2P Exchange Revolution. If you walk down the street 90% of people do not know what bitcoin is or even worth. The first coin to make it easy for the users instead of developers will Revolutionize and Mainstream bitcoin and crypto currencies.
This will start in Tarrant County, TX USA and work its way out to the entire world.
Since Bitcoin's inception, the worth of the coin has been up and down and then in 2014, 2nd generation of crypto currencies appeared, like Monero, Ethereum and Nxt. They have stealth addresses, smart contracts, side chains and/or assets.
I see 'us"... you and me, as being part of the third generation of crypto currencies, where the worth of the coin depends on the holder.
Take this for an example...When I graduated College in 1999, I worked as an extra on the set of The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle movie. I was paid a SAG salary for the day of $97 USD...for that day I was worth $ forward to is Tuesday and I am a salaried employee that gets paid $75,000 a year, so today I will make $281...for today I am worth $281. Was I worth the same in 1999 as I am in 2017? NO WAY!
In comes the Tarrant. Some crypto currencies are backed by nothing, others by gold or even fiat...the Tarrant is backed by the working man.
1 Tarrant = A Full Day's Work - 8am-5pm With Lunch Break...From Digging Ditches to Sewing Stitches..From Coding Software to Passing Laws
The Tarrant will be the base line coin that will create a network of coins, Part of TTrust...each owner or purchaser of any Tarrants will have their own coin, node & blockchain created. They will be given a rating similar to a FICO score, which will give their own coin its value to the Tarrant. There are many things to come with this network. Think of Mining as Earning, and it will be as easy as having your iphone or samsung running the app.
There is much more to come but if you are interested in mining/earning then you need to email me directly and I will share the link to the windows or linux wallet. BLOCKLINK.US - BTCVAULT.INFO - EARNER.ONLINE - EARNER.TECH
Roadmap below and will be released with dates/timeframes, when we officially launch the TTrust Network on Jan 9 2017
Official Blockchain Explorer – 25 Master Nodes to Start
TTRUST Crypto/Fiat Exchange
Instant Messaging – Radio – SMS Texts & Emails - iOS & Android Wallet w/ Torrent Network
Tarrant v1
Total coin supply 2121212 coins
Algorithm Scrypt Type PoW/PoS Block reward 5 coins
Premine percent 1% Premine amount 21212 coins reserved for Tarrant County
PoS percentage 8% per year Last PoW block block 5000
Coinbase maturity 10 blocks Target spacing 64 seconds
Target timespan 1 block Transaction confirmations 5 blocks
1 Tarrant = 1 Bitcoin
If you are accepted to mine the Tarrant We asked that you do not sell the Tarrant for less than 1 Bitcoin BTC. Please vist our website for log and more info...maybe a more seasoned member can embed our logo. More to come!!!
ARM Moran - Founder - Community Manager - Teacher
Interesting, but how will this value correlate with the working man if it is traded on an exchange, given value is decided by the market? This would make the working man value irrelevant as the working man value will be superseded by market value?
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