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#0, is a multicoin Proof of Stake Mining pool. We do all the work for you. You can deposit your coins to be staked with us, or deposit another coin which will be exchanged for the coins we stake and generate a weekly income thru our service. We make weekly payouts every Monday to all members who have generated enough income to qualify for a payment. An account that can generate 0.00100000 BTC or more is qualified for a payout every week. We have a variable rate of return. We are very responsive with our clients when it comes to customer service, you can even request to talk to us in a personal one on one chat if you desire.
We are currently Staking 10 different coins in our service and we do all the work involved in structuring the blocks and selling the stakes. Once the stakes are sold, the BTC value of the earnings from the Stakes are then distributed fairly among the members of the pool based on your percentage of the weight you own. So if you own 12% of the weight on the entire pool, you will earn 12% of the rewards that are generated.
For pure mining transparency you can see all the mining addresses for the coins we stake thru their block explorers right on the website. Just click the wallets name and it takes you to the block explorer for that coin where you can watch all of the mining and the rewards we earn.
If you have any questions please let us know in one of the many portals we have for you to communicate with us.
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