Wednesday, October 5, 2022 8:00 pm - Thursday, October 19, 2023 11:00 pm

Shely said: If the D2R Items dungeons do exist in the universe, these are real places. When you're engaged in the endgame activities where even more choice is offered through whispers, the Nightmare Dungeon becomes part of the larger Paragon system, which we've shared an unintentional glimpse of in the video.
The dungeons can be upgraded with these sigils and make them Nightmare the dungeons and are more dangerous. Additional affixes can be added to them that make the monsters even more dangerous or might even grant you advantages.
There's a broad selection of sigils and all kinds of affixes. This means that there's again the possibility of a player's choice as to which sigils you'd like to apply. And if you get one that's for an dungeon you don't consider appropriate for your class, you just take it off and choose a different one.
Ferguson said: Nightmare dungeons is our version of Rifts that is why, if you've played Diablo there's probably something in the town, and you'd just walk up to it to open a portal and away you go and you're waiting in town to play it over and over. Now we have Nightmare dungeons, which is equivalent to running in a Rift in a way but with a sense of belonging.
And so Joe has signs, I've got sigils and we're all like "Okay Where do we wish to go? We must go somewhere right now" in addition, "Okay, let's mount up, put on our horses, and set off to the west." It's because the dungeon is home to certain kinds of loot that we want to have or type of gear that we'd like to purchase. So I am in love with that feeling of being in a place, more than just finding an entrance in the town every time.
One of the fascinating things I observed was the stronghold system. What does it mean for the sense of locality? Since it appears that you're liberating certain areas therefore how does that influence the buy D2R Ladder Items story you're telling?

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