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The more powerful a unit is, the more points that it costs, which makes sense. In this case, you can call up three or WOTLK Gold four extra Bradley fighting vehicles, some infantry and antitank squads, and a Humvee. Select the type and number of units you want and just hit "deploy" and a huge cargo plane swoops down from the sky and airdrops the reinforcements to the ground. It's a pretty cool sight to see.

The neat thing about this reinforcement system is that there's no need to worry about ever running out of units. Whenever a unit is destroyed, its points are gradually recycled back into the main pool, so you can replace them relatively quickly. You'll never, ever run out of points, so you can always bring in fresh uints. Another neat thing about this system is that it lets you experiment with different tactics, as you can switch from one type of unit to another if you discover they're badly suited for the environment. 

For instance, while Warcraft are useful on the outskirts of Pine Valley, once youthe town the fighting is suited toward infantry that can garrison buildings for cover. While having an unlimited reinforcement system isn't exactly realistic, lead designer Magnus Jansén said that it's designed to keep the pace and the action level of the game up. And while it might seem that the challenge is taken out of the game if you effectively have unlimited units, Jansén said the challenge will come in the form of timed objectives throughout the campaign. When you get down to it, what's important is going to be the type of units that you bring to the fight and how you use them.

For example, once we had our small armored task force of Bradleys assembled, it was time to take the gas station. Even with the armored personnel carriers, our forces were outgunned by the Soviet Warcraft. Still, the game rewards the use of tactics. We had the infantry load into the Bradleys; just select all the units and hit the Y key buy WOTLK Gold, and infantry will automatically board the nearest vehicle. Then we had the Bradleys drive up to some buildings adjacent to the gas station. 

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