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The following list of Mut 23 coins suggestions gives suggestions for using every offensive configuration that is based on the situation and team tactics. Goal Lines: Each team's practice book includes this form that is a short-yardage formation, usually two yards or less, to get the first down or to the other team's goal line.

Sneaking by the quarterback from the goal line is typically effective and typically is able to gain two or three yards at the very least and snap the ball fast (don't allow the defense of your opponent to establish themselves and fill in gaps) and then move forward and play the ball. Play-action passing or deceitful playing from the goal line could be beneficial when the defense isn't engaged in an aggressive blitz.

I Form: It is a flexible formation that offers good runs as and variations for the medium-to-short passing game. Use I-Form on teams that have strong blockers like Cincinnati as well as Atlanta.

Additionally, you can utilize the Dual HB program to place your team's second RB in the position of fullback (great for teams such as New Orleans, Carolina, Jacksonville and other teams that have two good ball-carriers) and then use the pass or run play (sending backs to the flat, or onto medium-sized route for passing).

Strong Weak have a similar structure to I Form but the fullback is positioned to either those on the stronger (side of the line of scrimmage which includes the tight-end) and less strong (side that is on the line of scrimmage minus being on the same side as).

Think about the same strategies in I Form-teams that have skilled Fullbacks, or 2 running backs when in a pass or run scenario. Be aware that these types of configurations are called Strong I and Weak I in madden 23 coins buy the standard playbooks.

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