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Kuminga is a Congolese professional basketball player currently playing on behalf of 2K23 MT the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. He now has a K rating of 79 and plays both small and power forward positions within the team.

Because of his outstanding physical condition and ability to learn the team has him listed as a player who needs to focus on fitness by the Warriors.Kuminga's potential is vast and the ceiling is very high and if he is able to unleash his full potential, he will be able to achieve the heights of Jordan as well as James. His learning abilities are outstanding. His previous rating on NBA 2K was still 74 points.
 Through continual learning and a positive attitude towards the game, his 2K mark has risen to 79. The three-point shooting percentage for the season has risen to 35%-38%.Advantages of Kuminga1. Physically strong, in a position to stand up to tough competition.2. The ability to learn quickly, which makes their technology more sophisticated through continuous learning.

3. A strong spiritual foundation Never accept loss in spite of external criticisms and then respond to them by constantly striving to improve themselves.Every athlete on the NBA has strengths and weaknesses, however not all players can maintain a good mentality and improve themselves when being questioned.

But Kuminga can do it. When people start questioning his technical abilities Kuminga seems capable of listening to people's feelings and make improvements within a short time. That's why he's still able to stay competitive in the face of many of the top players. Kuminga's not content to be an insignificant player. He's determined to be a part of on the field in the beginning.
 Kuminga's current ranking in NBA 2K, Kuminga's current rating is 79 points also in Cheap NBA 2K23 MT the NBA league, he is currently ranked between 50 and 70 players on the roster.

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