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Torghast is designed to give players a brand new experience every time they enter it, and with fresh layouts for WOTLK Gold the floors and different types of enemies so that the runs do not become old-fashioned. It is also possible to play by groups of up to five, and the difficulty level will vary dependent on the size of the party. Though players can run Torghast whenever they'd like there is a limit to how many runs of each layer will count toward the power level and earn Soul Ash each week. The progression within Torghast itself is completely self-contained and players won't be able to keep any currency, items, and other abilities they gain after they've completed the run. However, there are areas within Torghast for players to experiment with builds, respec, and purchase items that will make progressing through this the dungeon a lot easier. Here's how to gain access to or run and collect rewards from Torghast in WOTLK Classic.

The Torghast game is available to players from the day they reach level 60 and join their Covenant. Torghast is available when players complete Chapter 1 of their Covenant's Campaign. It has a complex layout. There are six wings that are normal and a seventh one that differs from the other, and only two are accessible every week. The Torghast wings are:

Skoldus Halls

Fracture Chambers

The Soulforges

Coldheart Interstitia


The Upper Reaches

Each of the six wings consists of eight layers. Each layer will increase in difficulty. Each layer contains six separate floors to be completed in order. When a person has completed the entire six floorsin a row, they've cleared a layer and will be awarded their Soul Ash for the week.

Players can complete the layer they like once they've completed all eight layers in ascending order. After this point, they can decide to play on whichever layer they want. When a player completes a layer which means both wings of the same layer, will be rewarded with all the Soul Ash rewards from every layer below. If players have completed layer six, even if they're not able to complete levels one through five, they'll earn the Soul Ash rewards for all six layers buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. Naturally, Soul Ash rewards decrease when a player's difficulty gets, and so they might be able to run Torghast on layer three, offering more than half of the available Soul Ash for a given week.

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