Monday, January 10, 2022 1:00 am - 4:00 am

The original Lineage II was released in North America Way back in 2004 and Lineage 2M Diamonds, was launched within South Korea in 2019 and is heavily inspired by the stories, traditions as well as the fighting and clashes of original. 

Mobile first, and with cross-play for PC on NCSoft's PURPLE gaming platform. Lineage2M features support for high-definition 4K ultra HD 3D environments and has large-scale open-world battles with the capacity of over 10,000 players.

There are special bonuses for this new release, including bonus points for players who download the game via the PURPLE platform and play on PC. The PURPLE platform is one that enables mobile games to be played on PC with ease making cross-play possible for certain games. Players of MMORPGs have a heavy presence on PC which is why it's an effective move..

Bringing this Lineage II franchise to mobile isn't just the first MMORPG series making the move, with other games such as Ragnarok Origins getting their own counterparts in the same vein, with better graphics and new features to accommodate modern gaming. It's coming this year too. But Lineage2M is unique in having such large battles.

To commemorate the launch, there are several events that are designed to cheapest Lineage 2M Diamonds assist players and their clans level up and prepare for battles that will be epic. The clan-specific event, A Blood-sworn Pledge , kicks off today and will continue until the 14th of December.

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