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After 76 , cook Swordfish. In this level bracket, you'll need approximately 9k Swordfishes cooked before moving on to the next step RS Gold. This is the most efficient (F2P) no-cost way to enjoy cooking fish. This is the portion of the book where cooking gets profitable. Monkfishes are extremely good for experience and are good as a cash-maker. You will need around 16k cooked monkfish to advance. This method is just for members of p2p (members) which requires completion of Swan Song quest if you are looking to get them yourself.

These are considered to be the top money earners after the 89-90 cooking period because Sharks are among the most commonly consumed foods in OSRS. You can make them all the way until 99 to earn a great profit but if you want the highest rate of return, you should stop at 93. Amount of Sharks needed to reach this level is around 11k.

This is an option for those who want to reach max level faster and don't need longer routes. The gold you earn is to get experience rewards. It is simple - if you want money you can try Sharks but if you're looking for more experience you want to earn money, do Anglerfish. It will take you around 25k for training cooking and to reach 99. It's one of the best ways to maximize your fishing.

There is a special method to improve your cooking skills at the fastest speed possible which is by making wine. It is possible to get leveled up extremely quickly making them since they can give you about 500k exp per hour. This method is very AFK-able and the only downside to this is that you need to invest around 15 million to be able to cook at the highest level. It is possible to make Jugs of Wine. To make a Jug of Wine add grapes to the Jug of Water Buy RS 3 Gold. This is an easy method but it does require a lot of attention and clicking.

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