Tuesday, November 2, 2021 9:00 pm - Friday, December 31, 2021 12:00 am

A few people have stopped using alching. Alch prices are often OSRS gold considered an upper limit on the lowest a product can be. Recent price drops have seen alchable products decrease in value quickly. Prices have dropped to levels that are below the limits of their value in recent years. A lot of forum members may remember the loss of alching previously. There is a possibility of finding items with profits margins that are at or near 1k for each alch. What is the reason for this? There could be many reasons.

Alching with obsolescence as a method of training. There are now more effective low-level magic training methods. The balance is shifted between low and high leveled players. Alching is a low-level training technique. Players at low levels are dying. RS isn't drawing new players.

Decreased prevalence of bots. Bots that used alch were the most popular kind of bot. Bots have also become less common with the introduction of rs3. PVM is awash with alchables. Alchable items have flooded the market and are now very common to be found on bosses' droptables. What do your thoughts on the general trend? Are alchables going to ever rise up, or will they continue to drop? How low can prices fall? Could we make 2-3k per item by alching things in a few years time?

Cons - Since Andrew Gower's departure, we've had a new CEO to start the shredder of content. "You know exactly what we're planning to do, team?" These quests here will be changed by us. Yeah. They're not bad in the slightest, but we have to refresh them after nearly a DECADE because they're just too enjoyable.'

This is just one of the many ideas that Jagex has to go through every week. It's not even including numerous bad quality of life' adjustments, such as the conversion of a fine user interface to a dull Chrome cake tray. Google is trying to negotiate an agreement at the cost of buy RuneScape gold the game.


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