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These I believe are just good OSRS GP enough. They cover the completeness of things in RuneScape, doing "all" the jobs in all major areas of RuneScape. However, there are also certain exceptions. Title "The Annihilator". Do you count that as post-quest material? Or a title from the new Slayer monster. It is logical to finish the quest if there's post-quest content.

These don't encompass the completion of any full scope of content in RuneScape. These are side objectives which let you gain knowledge or experience that you have already trained for Completionist Cape 99. They are not mandatory and shouldn't be considered mandatory.

The Trimmed Cape is, for all intents, the base Comp Cape. But, it has the additional requirement to complete each RuneScape minigame. There are a few additional features that are possible to add, such as unlocking hidden knowledge - the Dragonkin journals of QBD or the Scabarite notes. However it is not working. Post-quest content is spread across both Capes.
The First Fight: Andre was making good progress as a member of the clan, with 300 posts. One day, gtasa3610 announced that there was a new mod position (and cheese was a mod at this point). Andre and some other clan members went to accept the mod position. Andre stated that this was due to the fact that he had rezoned himself to be a mod.

Well, I've been part of the clan both down and up and I was in the business of avenging souls. I'm also on when others are not so I can defend the fourms even when mods aren't. Being someone who's been in the clan for some time and has a good reputation I believe I could make an excellent mod.

Andre was devastated when buy 2007 runescape gold the mod was not named. This is not intended to hurt Bulbylover's sentiments. However, I don't believe he could have been an excellent mod for not being on the hardly.


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