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Four games are tied for NBA 2K22 MT an 87-rated rating. NBA 2K14 through 2K16 all scored with the same that helped demonstrate the consistency of the franchise. 2K14 included the LeBron James: Path to Greatness mode as well as Euroleague teams. It also featured an excellent soundtrack. 2K15 wasn't able to do a whole lot of new stuff but added to what was already working. 2K16 was a major success in that it introduced the idea of creating a custom MyLeague including things like moving franchises. It let players get the feel of creating unique leagues. The time also saw MyCareer mode turn into an exclusive experience.

NBA 2K18 is the fourth tied game with an 87 rating. It's a place on its own due to the fact that the lowest score that it earned on a platform was a 75 on the Nintendo Switch, which is much higher than previous games' lowest. The cover of this issue includes Kyrie Irving.

Because 2K was in an "if something isn't broken, don't fix them" mode The game was played with minor adjustments. The game added interesting options such as Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant as commentators, as well as Buy MT 2K22 classic teams. The most exciting part was the inclusion of All-Time Teams, putting together teams of the best players from every franchise. players.

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