Tuesday, August 3, 2021 11:00 pm - Friday, October 1, 2021 2:00 am

The Great Orb Project, a Runecrafting game, is located within inferno cape osrs the Runecrafting Guild. The game requires that players be at least 50 Runecrafting levels and to have completed the Rune Mysteries quest. The official worlds for this minigame are 60 for members and 61 for free players.

The minigame can be found within the Runecrafting Guild, through a portal on the second floor of Wizard's Tower. The tower is situated to the south-east of Draynor Village. It can be reached through the East portal of the Wizards' Guild. The object of the game played between two teams, is to bring as many orbs onto the altars as possible. The team with the most orbs at the end of the timer is the winner.

Tips. Having a high runecrafting level increases the strength of your walls and you can break the opposing teams barriers much more easily. Maintain at least eight (or 6 if you are not an active member) slots in your inventory that are reserved for the purpose of carrying the runes you've created. This eliminates the requirement to bank runes following each game.

You should maintain the most essences you can until the end of the round. This is the place where Nature runes are made. Nature runes are sold for around 300 coins each, making them the most lucrative runes.

Similarly, save essence from the mind circle for the water round which will give you more experience and valuable runes than at the mind altar. The knowledge that you gain from running with water is enhanced with the use of a the water-runecrafting glove. One exception is when the user wants to runes of the mind. The mind altar can be used here to buy RuneScape gold make a quick and lengthy route.


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