Wednesday, September 13, 2023 8:00 pm - Thursday, September 12, 2024 11:00 pm

These items will be obtainable from packs gained through rewards as well as Store packs! FC Players will also receive a FC 24 World Cup Starter which you will earn from logging into FC 24 Coins  . EA Sports will be removing these items beginning January 4, 2022. The Limited Time World Cup items may also have different base card stats from their regular gold counterparts!

It seems these items will offer different chemistry than their regular items in FC 24. These items do not contain a club, instead, they have the crest of their nation.FC 24 End of World Cup Event RewardsWorld Cup End of Event rewards is coming to FC 24. Collecting as many time-limited items as you can improve the level of rewards you receive.

There will be a FC World Cup tile within FC 23 which will track how many items you have obtained. Duplicate items will count towards your rewards!The FC World Cup tile will have 10 Reward Levels. As you complete more levels you will unlock more rewards.

These rewards include packs and player picks!You will be able to collect these rewards on January 4th through the World Cup tile.FC 24 World Cup SwapsThis Swaps event will launch on November 11, 2022.FC users will use the time-limited items to earn tokens. FC players will be using these tokens to then trade for rewards! 

The majority of tokens will be earned through offline and online objectives.Included in Swaps Rewards, will be one permanently upgraded FC World Cup Star item from each participating nation!Other rewards will include packs and player picks ! Also, every FC player will receive a free token on cheap EAFC 24 Coins launch.

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