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20It too early to say if itll stick the landing, and tens of FC 24 Coins hours will take place over the coming days alone, but while the first impression of the game might be some bad footballer acting, the footballing action is outstanding.21

A full review of FC 22 will also be available, which goes live on Monday, September 27.

Elsewhere, God Of War: Ragnarok will have unique shields that can change Kratos abilities.

FC 22 release date, hands-on, platforms and everything we know so far

Get your boots on and get ready to kick some balls FC 22 is the next blockbuster title in development at Electonic Arts and EA Sports, and it coming to all modern platforms later this year.

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Now that EA is poised once again to compete with Konami and PES (or eFootball as it will be known from 2021 onwards), fans are hoping that a bit of friendly rivalry will hoist the developer of the game out of its rut and give the series something to really work towards. Keeping a free-to-play rival off your heels as it starts eating up the mobile market is a great way to inspire innovation, after all.

FC 22 is lauded as a big installment of the perennial sports game. Not only is EA selling this annual version of the game as a 20massive year of innovation21 for the series, but it also the first year were going to actually see what EA and EA Sports can do on that fancy new new-gen tech you may have sitting in your living room. The PS5 and Xbox Series XS have barely been put to buy FCUT 24 Coins work when it comes to performance and power – maybe FC will be the first game to really make them sweat.

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