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Whether it that lob over Seaman, the elasticos past the best defenders in the world, or any of FIFA 23 Coins his other beautiful skills, Ronaldinho made a generation of kids football fans, myself included.

From backheel nutmegs and no-look passes, to keepie-uppie dribbles and pinpoint dinked through balls, we will never see another player like him in our lifetimes. Oozing style and boasting the stats to prove his substance, Irsquo;ve always wanted to use Ronaldinho in my Ultimate Team, and Irsquo;ve finally got the chance as FIFA 23 celebrates the game legacy.

The Squad Building Challenge (SBC) looks daunting at first. 33 squads, mostly ranging between 88- and 92-rated, is a lot. Most players will have nowhere near enough players in their club to complete the challenge, let alone enough players with such high ratings. 

However, shortly after releasing the astonishing 98-rated Ronaldinho, EA also released an SBC that rewards you with ten players rated 84 and up.

This repeatable SBC has an excellent pack rating, and the number of Team of the Season cards currently in packs means you can quickly and easily rack up high-rated cards just by grinding this one pack. It only costs a single 87-rated squad, which yoursquo;ll easily make back and then some.

I completed Ronaldinho over the course of cheapest FUT 23 Coins a day, recycling duplicates for more 84+x10 packs in a self-sustaining cycle. It a huge time commitment, but after finishing the whole process I had a fully-stocked club and made a 300,000 coin profit to boot. 

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