Wednesday, November 18, 2020 1:03 am - 4:03 am

"Everybody needs to do the ideal thing" is just naive if you do nothing about  Mut 21 coins it. This instance does not include the numerous grey topics where opinions have a place; this is literally a discussion of if you want black people to have rights or not. It isn't courageous of a company to state that black people deserve rights simply because they'll lose white supremacist customers. It really is quite simple for a company to put out a statement of belief like this, as we have seen from all the companies doing so at this time like Amazon and the NFL. I genuinely don't understand how it's hard to get a multi-million dollar business to give up a tiny fraction of their gains for the greater good. If people who don't like Black Lives Matter constitute a majority of a company's customerbase, then maybe they shouldn't have those gains (not claiming EA's playerbase in against BLM, this is a hyperbolized example)

Why don't you support them in doing both? Because we haven't seen them doing . Back your words up. Sony managed things better than EA by not just using a statement, but heading after All Lives Matter fans in comments, matching donations by some workers, claiming they'll have more in the coming week, also supposedly forming a studio in San Diego headed by POC developers. Can EA have something in the works and they desired to find the announcement out first? They could've either held the statement until they had something to reveal told us exactly what they're planning. At the end of the day should you refuse to admit when a company creates a little step you love then how do they ever learn how to generate a large step you appreciate?

Why are you treating a business such as how a parent talks about a young child? I genuinely don't understand why it is our obligation to baby companies into getting empathy. Why is it that they have to"learn" to do good for humankind, why not they simply do it? It's just like white folks putting the duty on black folks to educate them not to be displaced when there's plenty of resources out there on the way to perform it. With that said, I really do want to say that I apologize if any of my comment comes off as hostile or assaulting to you.

I value this discussion a lot even if I think at the end of this we'll still disagree. I hope that I am not creating a strawman out of your argument when I say you see very little value in creating a statement with nothing to back this up. Whereas when a large firm makes an official announcement I think that carries a fair bit of weight even if they don't do anything else.

I don't think EA has some moral imperative to do anything else whatsoever in this circumstance, at least not publicly. Should they have any employees affected by the protests or riots or even police/military activities they have a moral imperative to do what they can to accommodate them, that's about it. They are not the cause of the issue, it could be easy and appropriate for them to remain quiet or skirt about mmoexp madden 21 coins this political issue, but they didn't.

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