Tuesday, November 17, 2020 9:30 pm - Thursday, December 17, 2020 12:30 am
lineken park

I hope they include custom uniforms in Madden 21. All of the non EA titles that have an ultimate team kind mode have custom uniforms (MLBTS, and 2K Myteam). I feel as it shouldnt be that Mut 21 coins difficult and would be a fun way to perhaps even spruce up your favorite teams uniforms. I remember you used to have the ability to make customized uniforms in create a group way back in old maddens. Should not be too hard to implement into MUT.

I want Superstar mode back. Superstar was liked by you? I didn't play it much cause I wasn't into it but I would not be surprised. Apparently people actually liked it. You got to create you have player, like your own. Chose your stats and all. Like I could opt to have 99 speed and 99 trucking on my HB rather than just a different archtype, today all of my other stats might have been crap since I dumped a ton into those, but I could actually choose. Plus you could decide on any position, like I loved being a MLB and viewing the play develop.

By running certain drills, not just choosing the archtype to acquire upgrades and you also got stat improvements. I just enjoyed being able to feel as though it's my participant, not somebody I use. Yeah I did not play enough superstar to do that lol but would be cool to include in mut with a mut master type grind so that it's not cheesy from the beginning. About it being in MUT idec, I loved the game mode. And celebrity was enjoyable, but some people simply ain't a fan of just being only one player in a franchise, which is understandable, you just dont have any control over anything lol.

Honestly even the EA squad does not make comparison. Look at the color smash"white" jerseys and inform me they're not 80% black. I really don't expect the Madden community without thick guidelines. Even if they made it like it was back in Madden 11 in which you could choose a logo and group name and choose from base styles. I'd take that over having no customization.

You may make them in mut20, they simply don't operate in games that are H2H, so the ability is currently in place. In the creation center from the main menu. You create a uniform and take the  buy Madden 21 coins option to set as default. Only works for house uniforms and will not allow any crossover between home and off components (can't utilize away socks, pants, etc). Yeah I just looked up a video lol, did not even know that was a thing, thanks!

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