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FIFA 23 has only been released for a couple of weeks but already the entire community is in FIFA 23 Coins shock. Why? because EA Sports has once again demonstrated that they're not unwilling to try something new. This year, they've launched the concept of a power shot. 

Power shots don't just have more power behind them, they also have a more dramatic dip and curve than normal shots. These make power shots highly efficient when used in the right way. Like always, FIFA players are divided over whether this new technique is a game-changer , or a cheap device. The only way to know is time. One thing is certain: EA Sports isn't afraid to take risks and that's the thing we love about them.

When it comes to the perfect Power shot the most important factor is timing. It is ideal if you hit the ball just when it is going where you want. Since when you play Power shots, the player might take extra time to release the ball. This gives opponents the chance to players to get ready. Therefore, you should practice the timing of your release and then let go your ball at the ideal time.

Additionally, accuracy is the vital element. We suggest taking Power Shots when the player is right in the direction to the goals. Because it is harder for the goalkeeper to keep an attack right in front of him Your shot will probably miss the mark if you're far away from the goal.

Power Shots are able to be done more efficiently outside of the box. Because there are so many bodies within the box, it is difficult to FUT 23 buy Coins  take a clean shot away. But, remember that you have to be accurate for this.

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