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The story of these two coaches really begins in the year 2007. Taylor, a Mut 23 coins undrafted quarterback out of Nebraska, was desperate to try and keep his playing dream alive. After being let go by the Buccaneers He travelled to Canada to join the to one of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. He didn't take long before he hung up his cleats for good, and was a offensive assistant at Texas A&M under his father-in-law, Mike Sherman.

When Taylor was struggling to get back into the Madden NFL 23. McVay observed the writing on wall. As a receiver in Miami and Ohio at the time the odds were against him that his chances of making it to the Madden NFL 23 -- even as a camp invite. A strong football heritage throughout his family, McVay looked to follow in his grandpa John's footsteps, a long-time coach for the New York Giants, and later executive of the 49ers during their peak years. Sean immediately went from the college to join the Madden NFL 23. becoming an offensive assistant to the Buccaneers.

The two coaches followed different approaches, but both mirror each other. Taylor making use of his knowledge as a quarterback to become QB head coach in Miami, McVay doing the similar thing with wide receivers in Washington. Both showing incredible promise at the age of young offensive geniuses and advancing to the role offensive coordinator at very young ages. Taylor was promoted to the position of offensive coordinator for the Dolphins at the age of 30. with McVay becoming Washington's offensive coordinator at 28.

Both were trapped in terrible situations, but still shined. Taylor was credited with developing Ryan Tannehill as a passer and raising the Dolphins in the process, while McVay did the best he could with the weak offensive team under Jay Gruden.

The biggest shock came in the year of 2017 when McVay was appointed the head coach of the Rams. The youngest head coach in Madden NFL 23 time it was a major leap of faith. Although he'd achieved great things with the likes of Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Michael, it was a remarkably bold move.

There wasn't nearly as much luck for Taylor who was a victim with the Dolphins' sinking ship, returning to his college football to rebuild his resume with and the Cincinnati Bearcats. And then, barely a year into his new job, Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville dropped the team and resigned, leaving Taylor in the mud. At this point, it appeared that the brilliant offensive mind would be snuffed out, swallowed by the new team and left to dry.

Luckily , someone believe in the talent of Taylor. The man who helped develop Tannehill and recognized the root of the talent. Sean McVay had found his new wide receivers coach in Los Angeles. The true masterstroke in the hiring was identifying the future problems on his staff. McVay was aware that quarterbacks coach Greg Olson was making a brief stop at the Rams and was likely to be fired, and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur which was receiving publicity as buy madden nfl 23 coins  the head coach. Taylor would be the perfect person to step in and keep Jared Goff's progress going.

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