Friday, March 3, 2023 7:00 pm - Saturday, November 11, 2023 10:00 pm

The game's engine looks fantastic. Minor visual effects add vitality to the game's world. For instance, units WOW WOTLK Classic Gold leave their footprints on the ground when they travel, which means the foot soldiers make footprints that look like feet and wheeled siege engines leave tracks, while mounted riders leave footprints of horseshoes. 

Additionally, units make splashes on the water when they move through, and it is possible to observe tiny fish and even occasionally whales pass through the deeper waters. Another interesting effect is that the units track along lines of the 3-dimensional terrain. When a catapult is launched away from the viewfinder then it will tilt and head downhill, only showing the rear view of the catapult. Additionally, units located at higher elevations are proportionally larger on the screen than those at lower elevations.

Campbell explained how units affect the elements that make up the natural landscape. Tree groves can get destroyed through siege engine as well as other types of attacks, while the boulders could become a mess. This gives new options for combat strategy in that units can sneak into the midst of seemingly insurmountable barriers and penetrate them in order to conduct an attack that is unexpected. The nightelf hero has the ability to move trees at will. This can be utilized both defensive and offensive ways. It is particularly efficient to block enemies when retreating.

We also encountered a range of creeps, also known as neutral monsters, such as Harpies, ice trolls Ogres, and a variety of other. neutral monsters play a significant role in the game since they are the primary supply for World of Warcraft Gold, which is the currency used for the purchase of hero units, as well as some of the more sophisticated technological upgrades. The more powerful monsters will grant an increase in World of Warcraft Gold, and also additional experience points as well as treasure. While we weren't able to witness one for ourselves, Campbell noted that one of the most powerful creatures will be fully grown dragons.

Another fascinating aspect of playing is the array composed of non-neutral structures which are scattered across the game world. neutral structures offer benefits or services for anyone within a particular range of for example the healing structure will continuously heal the units surrounding it. Even though the structures themselves aren't able to be owned by any single race but they are defendable to prevent enemies from taking advantage of their advantages. 

There was also a goblin vendor that is a shop that allows heroes to purchase items, as well as The temple of Boom, which is a structure that offers explosive units known as goblin sappers. The camp for mercenaries lets players employ neutral monsters that they'd never be able to construct for themselves, like cheap WOTLK Gold the ogres.

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