By: on November 14, 2022
Solar System: All the bugs have been worked out. Only thing left to-do is split the solar array branch in two and then center-feed the power output for better signal integrity and voltage balance.   Powerline Solar Signal Integrity ...
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By: on June 21, 2022
Been running off-grid  on batteries since midnight.  Getting useful info.   Data so far: Time: 6am. 6/21/2022 ...
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By: on September 17, 2021
Vax mandates are not about science or even safety, but rather about power and control by enlisting businesses and financial institutions as enforcers to cull the population. It's comparable to mandating the gas chamber of Auschwitz for your own good under the color of safety.
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By: on March 29, 2021
175 watts is the total power being pulled from the grid. 1 x 128 core server and 2 routers.  Half of the solar panels being shaded by 5pm.  I can probably  squeeze more power from the panels and bump the efficiency up a bit if I switch to the enphase 240v micro inverters instead of the current single string 125v grid tie inverter.
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