By: on September 3, 2019
Back from a ride. So I was pushing the Segway hard down a moderate hill with 20 lbs of gear with 2 bars of power left. It throttled back far enough where I had to hop off..... Well, that should have been an indicator to take it easy. Next down hill, a steep one. I decide to gun it. Bad decision because there wasn't enough power to fight me and keep me upright. It basically kept rolling as my weight over powering leaning back and eventually landed on my right side on the pavement, Segway hoppe...
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By: on April 18, 2019
It was dark, cold sprinkling and turned out to be an amazing ride while doing errands, hopped a couple of curbs, did a bit of shopping.  Checkout the Fly by.
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By: on April 7, 2019
Went on an 11.6 mile ride on a very bright and beatiful day.. Lots of hills. Did a bit of off-roading. Rode through puddles, curb hopping, going through dirt, gravel, debris from dead wood and grass. Pavements were rough, but overall not too bad. Stopped at Taco Bell for lunch. Walked the segway right in. Went shopping with it. Picked up some packing supplies. Got some cat food for the kitty and back home. Wanted to see what the effective range and it seems 11.6 miles (with lots of steep h...
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By: on March 19, 2019
In the next week or so, Crypto-city will be doing some fun experiments with #Ninebot's Personal Transport Device by #Segway Just doing some calculations. and looking at distances of the shops around the area. Average is about 6 miles round trip. Average human walking pace is 3.1 mph. So, the stock Segway is a bit over 3X faster with a 14 mile range. Ater the initial tests, we can of course modify it to double or triple the range. What we need now are some bright yellow shirts ...
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