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by on October 23, 2022

If you want to improve in Rocket League in 2022, the best way to do so is to play with friends and learn from experienced players. The following Rocket League for beginners tips, techniques, and methods are for you if you’re a brand new player.

Adjust your camera and controls

After downloading the game, it can be tempting to jump right into a match and get started immediately. But you’re going to want to make a few adjustments to your settings before jumping into your first match to ensure that you start learning good habits right away.

The default camera settings aren’t ideal. The camera by default is too close to the back of the car and has a rather claustrophobic field-of-view. Keeping the original camera settings will actively make it harder for you to play the game well. To remedy this, you can widen the field-of-view and move the camera back a bit to improve your overall visibility, which will have a significant positive impact on your gameplay.

Here are some good settings to start with:

FOV: 110

Distance: 270

Height: 100

Angle: -5.00

Stiffness: .45

Swivel: 4.50

There are also some controller bindings you’ll want to adjust early on as well. By default, the air roll button is bound to the X button on Xbox controllers or the Square button on PlayStation controllers. Air roll lets you adjust the angle and orientation of your car in the air and is a valuable tool. With the air roll bound to X or Square, it’ll be difficult to both air roll and boost at the same time since the default boost button is directly across from the air roll input.

By moving the air roll button to L1 or R1, you’ll be able to air roll and boost at the same time while in the air, which will improve your control in the air. Although it may be some time before a beginner is ready to blast off and pull off glorious aerial shots on goal, setting this up early will help you build the best muscle memory as soon as possible.

It’s also a good idea to move your power slide option, which is mapped to the X button, to the same button as your air roll. The power slide lets you slide and thus take corners more sharply. By rebinding it, you’ll be able to boost and power slide at the same time while on the ground, which is a situationally useful option to have.

Flip for speed

When rocketing across the pitch, you can reach top speed much faster – and without using your boost – by performing a tactical flip. Power straight ahead, hold forward, and then jump, and perform a double jump. With the right timing, you’ll flip forward into the air, propelling your speed even higher and then land with your wheels on the ground, still shooting along at the same high speed.

Item and Esports Shop

Apart from playing the game, Rocket League uses credits as currency to buy items from the item shop. The item shop updates daily giving good deals on items you may want, and now with update v1.81, players can support their favorite content creators when buying anything from the shop.

The creator code gives that creator a small payout of the credits bought just by entering their code in the item shop. However, anything that you buy in the shop will be on trade lock indefinitely, so you will not be able to trade these for profit or give it to a friend.

There is also another shop specifically for esports cosmetics which allows you to represent your favorite team. This, however, uses a completely different currency from credits called esports tokens. These items are also untradeable.

Now that we talked about everything apart from playing Car-Ball, let’s get into the game! Upon joining a match, you may notice you aren’t on the same map as the previous game, or you also may notice the glowing yellow things on the ground, what about the spawn points before kickoff. Every game in Rocket League may play the same or feel the same, but some of these changes make the game feel different every game.

Boost Management

Boost is the only resource in RL. You must stay topped up without putting yourself in a bad position. A common problem in RL is that of players who choose to collect the full 100 boost pads in the sides and corners of the pitch without considering the smaller 12-boost pads that are scattered around the pitch.

To keep a boost topped up without interrupting a course, players should look to advance around the field using the small pads as checkpoints while they’re passing them. This is referred to as “boost pathing.”

Use this guide to learn the common routes around the pitch to always have a good supply of boost.

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