Nikko Ray Cotelo
by on November 30, 2016
Hydrolock is the condition where the compression of gas is prohibited in the main engine chamber. Hydrolock occurs when there is a high volume of liquid inside the chamber and enters the engine while the piston is in its end stroke. Too much volume of liquid that is not compatible with the engine cylinder volume results the piston to not complete it travels in the chamber and a failure will occurs. When hydrolock occurs there are lot of possible parts to be damage in your engine.
The damage may be greater when you are travelling in a high speed. Common problems that can happen are damage from connecting rods, engine block and head, crankcase or even bearings. If there is a great damaged that happens after hydrolock, replacement of the engine will be sure to be done. In case that you are traveling at low speed or getting to stop then a hydrolock happens, the damaged may be lessen. You can just unscrew your spark plug and let your engine turn to eliminate the liquids on the engine chamber.
In terms that when you have to start the engine and there is a hydrolock in the engine chamber, the engine won't start and will not damaged the engine but may burn your starter or spark plug. You can drain your engine from liquids for troubleshooting but if this liquid cause rusting in the chamber, the repair may cost a bit higher.
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