Nikko Ray Cotelo
by on November 30, 2016
Is your engine hard to start or you consume a lot of fuel volume? Your engine may need a tune up. Engine tuning is the adjustment or modification of your engine control unit. This is done to improve the performance, durability and fuel economy. From different engine parts like spark plug, carburetor, valves and other components are adjusted to its best performance. Sometimes there is a situation where you need to detuned your engine in exchange of more fuel economy or more power output.
Tune-up is the service offered by mechanics and manufacturers to reach the engine specification. It is needed periodically to make sure that your engine gives the best performance it can. You can also tune your engine depending on your taste and on what performance you want. Failure to perform this activity may cause some damage to your engine and really gives you a bad performance.
There are times when you will know that you need to perform a tuning on your engine specially when your engine starts hard. It is cause by low fuel and air mixture that the carburetor should be tune up. Valve clearance should be meet to make sure that the opening of the valves are in timing when the reciprocating engine works.
Sometimes failure to tune your engine in the right time may cause an overhaul where your engine is removed and disassembled. This is to done to perform a full refresh or check up on your engine. Replacement of different parts like piston rings, gaskets, oil seals and bearings is recommended when the parts are worn out. After this overhaul is performed to your engine it may give the performance of a new engine.
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