by on September 27, 2022

Breeding chickens at home is on the increase. Why? Free eggs, free meat, free food scrap recycle, and of course, it's easy to get started! A complete chicken house can be constructed quite inexpensively, and it doesn't take a lot of woodworking  Remodela con Profesionales   experience either. In fact, you can download     chicken house construction plans online. This article shows you how.

Looking At Your Options  

You will be surprised at the design options available to the DIY chicken house builder. From small, portable coops, to fully featured hen houses and chicken runs, there is much to decide on.

Your choice is dependent on a number of aspects:

1) How many chickens you plan on keeping.
2) What kind of egg output you're looking for.
3) How much energy and money you're willing to invest in construction.

As far as the number of chickens goes, I've never met someone who has started off with a number and had it remain steady. The number of birds that you have pretty much always rises within a year. That means it's smart to build larger than you expect.

Chickens lay the most eggs when they're in a happy, healthy, stree-free environment. Each bird should have it's own nesting box, as well as plenty of grazing space. 2 feet per bird is what you should be aiming for.

The most difficult part of any pre-construction plan is knowing if you're up for the job or not. Let me say that chicken coops are amongst the most straight forward DIY jobs you can pursue. With the right chicken house construction plans, you'll be able to get things done in a smooth, orderly manner no matter your experience level.

Coop Designs

The most common style of chicken coop is the a-frame coop. It lays low on the ground, is portable, cheap, and very simple to build. However, there are much better options available as far as chicken "houses" go.


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