by on October 8, 2016
Few know the real meaning behind PacMan the popular arcade game. The developer of the PacMac game hid a secret message about our future. PacMan, the game's primary antagonist is a lonely anarchist eating discs (bitcoins) while being hunted by ghosts (government spooks) in a dark maze (parent's basement). This game deceptively foretold the crytocurrency movement in arcades across the world. In 2012, the PACCOIN cryptocurrency was launched to pay homage to the PacMan developer, Mr. Toyota Panasonic.
- What is it: to others an abandoned $hitcoin, but to you an exploding rocket ship on the way to da moooon!!!
- Marketcap: unknown, you can be the whale or a shark, or whale with a shark fin
- Price: $4.5e-09 ... so low the coin market cap website is unable to show its amazing price
- Developer: long gone, but who cares?!?!
PAC is at the very bottom of coin market cap -- IT CAN ONLY GO UP, THINK INVESTMENT STATEGY!!! Only a newb fool would consider this... HIGHLY RECOMMEND, BUY NOW BEFORE OTHER MORON READ THIS!!!
[s]MOON[/s] [s]MARS[/s] [s]PLUTO[/s] GALACTIC SHOT!!!!!!111!1!1
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blackhawk101 In a couple months i can say i have watched this retarded bullshit sink for 5 years.. 2013 = Peak in adoption / popularity + market prices. 2014 = scene gets shittier and crap coins slump in price. 2015 = Idiots go on ICO / IPO rampage 2016 = Idiots cling desperately to thinking if they... View More
October 8, 2016
Isn't that Pacific Nation?
October 9, 2016