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by on May 12, 2022

At Hempire Innovations, we are a small owner operated legally hemp-derived dispensary. As we grow, we'll indulge you with a plethora of excellent hemp creations.
Hempire Innovations is here to provide excellent service, satisfying products and pertinent hemp-industry education. Join us on our journey to an
eco-conscious, cannabis friendly future. It's our pleasure to serve your hemp needs; you wont regret it!

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"Best high in a long time, just trust me
This was my first experience taking a THC-0 gummy and it won’t be my last! About 40 minutes after taking the gummy I felt a very warm and uplifting high that lasted up to 3 hours. I told multiple people it was the best high I had in a long time. I recommend you try it out!
Review left on: THC-O Infused Gummies"

"Shut up and take my money
I’ve been skeptic with gummies previously because CBD doesn’t seem to do much for me, and I figured THC-O would be the same. To my surprise, I found the high from THC-O to be very warm and fuzzy feeling, and it really put me at ease! I think the best way to describe the high would be “uplifting”. I definitely loved this stuff, and recommend it by itself, or with other flower too!
Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our THC-O! It is certainly uplifting."

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Benefits of Cannabis, Charlotte, Wilmington, in North Carolina. Visit our website for more info, Your patronage helps Jared grow towards a Wilmington, NC storefront.


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