by on August 24, 2020

There are many reasons behind a "FIFA Coins Giveaway" announcement. Such as gifts, promoting, demanding something in return.

In WhatsGaming's case, we have a program for giving away FIFA coins in return in one small favor. That gamers record their screens for about five minutes making a purchase on whatsgaming.net, explaining how the site works and how users can buy FIFA Coins from WhatsGaming. And put their own face in a corner of the screen (like Youtube streamers) and just walk the users through the coin transfer process from step one which is choosing the right console and transfer method until the coins are transferred successfully to their account.

After that, send the video to us, and we will give them the promised FIFA coins for free. Other than that, we have a loyalty program that promotes gamers up to 10% discount depends on the number of coins they purchase.

Read WhatsGaming blog for more.

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