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Sigil Powder is a rare crafting material in Diablo 4 that players can use at the Occultist to craft Nightmare Sigils of any tier. The higher the tier of the dungeon you explore, the more powerful the monsters, which means they will drop better loot and more gold. Therefore, it is necessary to farm Sigil Powder. This guide will show you how to farm and use it.

How to Farm Sigil Powder

The only way to get Sigil Powder is to go to any occultist and salvage Nightmare Sigils. He can generally be found near the Fractured Peaks within Kyovashad or the Alchemist Veroka in the Desolate Highlands. The production cost of higher-tier Sigils will be relatively higher, requiring more resources and D4 Gold. We recommend that players farm Nightmare Dungeons to get more Sigils. Players need to kill as many monsters as possible, and they will randomly drop sigils.

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How to craft Nightmare Sigil

Once you have enough Sigil Powder, you can salvage them at the Occultist to get Sigil. You can choose which Nightmare Dungeon Tiers you want to target. If you want more XP and faster speed, we recommend you choose a higher-tier dungeon. If you just want to farm gold or unique items, the slower dungeons are better for you.

Every time you upgrade the tier of the dungeon, you will face more fierce enemies. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade equipment. You can also craft and upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith with the Sigil Powder and a small amount of gold.

If you want to push the dungeon to a higher tier, you may spend a little more time farming Sigil Powder. However, it's well worth farming it to craft Nightmare Sigils for more XP and rarer Diablo 4 Items For Sale.

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