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The side quests are optional quests that players can engage in to earn Renown, XP, and gold. Typically, the side quests begin by picking up randomly dropped items from enemies, chests, corpses, etc. Some rare side quests may also yield unique items. However, sometimes finding them can be trickier than completing them. Here will show you 4 hidden side quests in Diablo 4.

4. Late Shipment Quest

This quest is to return the Battered Shipment to Aih'Setal, an NPC located in the Southern Expanse area of Kehjistan. Players need to go there first to defeat a Scrapper cultist enemy and get the Battered Shipment that he randomly drops. Once you loot it, you can start the quest. After returning the shipment, you'll get a Salvage Cache and a handful of gold.

3. Glittering Abundance Quest

You will be required to pick up the Gem-laden Geode in the Fethis Wetlands to start this quest. Afterward, you'll talk to Tungal, the Jeweler in Ked Bardu, and purchase Acid Flux for 10 D4 Gold from him. When you interact with Mislan's tools to open the geode, the quest is complete.

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2. Exorcist's Cache Quest

The quest requires you to unseal the Sealed Exorcist's Cache. The hard part of this quest is finding the Sealed Exorcist's Cache. By defeating Phantoms and Bone Warriors in the Frigid Expanse of the Fractured Peaks, there is a chance to obtain the Sealed Exorcist's Cache quest item. Kill enough enemies and collect Spirit Anima to fill up the meter to complete the quest. If you are at a lower level, we recommend that you buy Diablo 4 Items For Sale to upgrade your equipment.

1. Secret of the Spring Quest

Arrive at Kylsik Plateau, where you pick up a crumpled note left on the ground to activate the quest. To solve this riddle on the note, you need to wait patiently. Press E in the area of the hot spring and add Wait Emote, a Buried Chest will appear. Then you will be rewarded with XP and Gold depending on your level.

Due to the random drop mechanism of items, completing side quests may not necessarily reward you with rare items. However, whatever the other rewards, it's well worth completing side quests for the renown, gold, and XP.

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