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Crafting In Diablo 4 Has Multiple Layers Of Complexity. We Can Upgrade Gears At The Blacksmith. Upgrade Accessories & Socket Gears in the Jeweler. Enchantment (Reroll One Affix) and Craft New Legendary Codex & Aspects On To Gears at The Occultist. To Understand The Basics, Make Sure To Check This Detailed Guide Cover All The Above Methods Of Crafting!

Diablo 4 Launch Day 1 To Week 1 Additional Tip On With Each Vendor

-Blacksmith Upgrading Mats Are Acquired From Salvaging Weapons & Equipment, Since The Server Slam, The Crafting Gold Cost Is MUCH Lower, So We Can Gain Additional Stat & WEAPON DMG Boost Via 1-2 Early Upgrades, Which Are Very Cheap!

-Jeweler: Can Be Used For Upgrading Rings And Amulets Early Game (1-2 Levels Max), Socketing An Will Cost Additional World Boss Loot Which Can Be VERY RARE Early Game! So Best To Keep Them After Level 40+ Or After 50!

-Note That 2H Weapon, Chest & Pants Piece Can Have Up To 2 Sockets, In The Early Game, Especially For Thorns Builds, Finding A 2 Socket Gear Is HUGE! (Our Thorns Barb Build Is Coming Soon!) Gloves & Boots CAN NOT Have Sockets.

Occultist Is The MOST FUN & End Game Crafting Vendor In Diablo 4

-Keep In Mind We Can Always CRAFT NEW Codex/Aspects Onto Existing Legendary Too! Replacing Its Effect, As Legendary Type Of Items Tend To Have 1 Extra Affixs Compared To Rare Items As A Base!

-In The Early Game, Finding A Decent 2H Weapon & Crafting It With A Core Offensive Aspect/Codex Can Change Everything! Those Legendary Powers Are Also Doubled By 200% When It's On A 2H Gear!

-Rogue & Barbarian Can 'Abuse' This More Effective As They Can Carry Additional Weapons - The Trick Is, Find A 2H Weapon With Decent Affix Rolls, Craft An Offensive Legendary Effect On It, Then USE Another Weapon With Higher DMG For Our Core Active Spells (As We Acquire More Higher Level Gears As We Level Up).

-For Barb: This Can Be Done Via Middle Mouse Button When We Select Which Weapon To Be Used For Which Active Spell (While Opening Skill Tree), Gaining More Bonus From Specialization & Actual Weapon Stats!

-This Is Also The Case For Amulets! Which Provides 150% Bonus Legendary Effects.

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-For All Classes, We Should Look For Skill Rank +1 Before Level 25, And +2 After 25 For Some Godly Rolls On Rare Amulets! (+2 Rank For An Entire 4th/5th Tree = 6-12 FREE Skill Points!)

-We Should Turn On Advance Option & Show Affix Rolls In The Menu To See If We Have Gotten A Godly TOP Roll For Legendary Affixs (Those Can Be Kept For Level 40+ Crafting).

-Note That Gears With Higher Grade Can Only Be Crafted By Extracting Legendary Aspects Of The Same Grade!

-Normal, Sacred, Ancestral: Which Drops At Levels 1-50, 50-70, 70+.

-Item Level / Grade Will Determine the Range Of Affix Rolls:

-1-340: +1 Skill Rank (Saw In Beta LvL 1-25).

-340-500: +2 Skill Rank (Likely LvL 25-50).

-Scared Grade: +3 Skill Rank.

-Ancestral: +4 Skill Rank (Min Roll Is Now 2-4 For Skill Rank).

-After Reaching The Mid Game/End Of Story At Level 50, We Should START To Look Into Blue Gear That Rolled Into Sacred Grade, & the Same Case For Level 70+ For Blue Gears Rolled Into the Ancestral Grade!

-The Devs Purposely Mentioned That Those Gears Are Meant To Be Found & Crafted To Give Us An Extra Power Up During The Early Stages of Mid/End Game, Instead Of Just Selling Those Blue Magic

-Gears Or Salvaging Them.

-Different Gear Pieces Can Roll +Skill Rank To Different Skill Trees. E.g Gloves Tends To Roll +1-4 Skill Rank To All CORE Spells.

-Amulet Can Roll Multiple +1-4 Skill Rank To Entire Tree Sections!

Here Is What We Learned During Diablo 4 Beta (WIP)

MORE Advanced Crafting Involves:

-Early Game: Get A Level 25+ Rare Gear With Good Stats, Roll On One Of The Worst Affix It Once Via Enchantment (As 2nd Roll Cost Is Way Higher), If It Rolls Into +2 Skill Rank For Your Builds Skill, Then Consider Crafting It For Legendary Aspects/Codex.

-This Is CRAZILY Good For Rare Amulets Level 25+ Which Most People Tend To AUTO Sell/Salvage Instead Of Trying Our Luck With The Higher Item Base!

-For the Mid/End Game, For Level 50+/70+ Get A Sacred/Ancestral Graded BLUE Or RARE Item, Reroll is On Its Affix Once To See If We Get a +3/4 Skill Rank, Then Consider Crafting It.

-It's Way More Likely If FORCE That Good Starter Gears Stats Appear, Compared To Just Hoping That They Drop Naturally! (Again Re-rolling Cost Is Much Higher After First Reroll On Affix, DON'T WASTE Too Much Gold! Our Gold Making Guide Is Coming Too!)

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