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by on August 26, 2022

When it comes to the clothing options for the United Arab Emirates, people have lots of options. There are lots of misconceptions in the mind of people about traditional dresses. But in this blog, we will help you to get some idea about the best dressing sense. If you want to buy the most trending clothes in Dubai online, this content will help you. The online eastern fashion store Dubai UAE has the largest collection of Arabic clothing traditions and the most trending varieties of clothes related to Muslim culture.


We all know that Dubai is quite conservative, and people are very concerned about their attire. Since this city holds the highest number of tourists, who visit every day, this is the most popular destination for tourists on vacation, and that's why western attire is acceptable. But the local women are still expected to cover their skin. So, overall, Dubai is a well-developed city in UAE, but still, they follow Islamic Traditions. So, here we share some most demanding clothing options in eastern fashion store Dubai you can purchase online.

 Traditional clothing options you can purchase online:

  • Abaya: This is the traditional dress of Dubai that women love to wear. The online stores offer the largest collection of Abaya. This is an elegant long cloak that covers the maximum part of the body. Traditionally it is black, but you will get a variety of colors from online shop eastern products online stores. As an alternative, you can also prefer, Niqaab and Gafaaz, respectively.
  • Burqa: Burqa or burka is known as the clothing option that is popular in Islamic culture. This clothing is used to cover the entire body. This outer piece of clothing is designed to hide the skin in public. The Women of Dubai mostly wear this when they leave home for personal and professional work.
  • Kaffiyeh: This is the traditional headscarf worn by Islamic men. In other Arabic countries, these are known as Ghutrah or shemagh. This is also considered the national headdress in Dubai. This is usually worn to protect from the heat of the desert. But if you talk about this tradition, it portrays as a symbol of power and authority. You can check out the vast collections of checkered and colored Kaffiyeh online.
  • Agal: This is the complimentary dressing option you can also add to your cupboard. This is the black band-like cloth that is usually tied around the head. These are mostly available in black color, but you can find out some more color options on the online site. The major aspect of this clothing option is it is made up of goat hair. 
  • Kendra: If you are an Islamic woman, available in shop eastern products online, you must have this clothing in your wardrobe. This is the piece of attire that is quite similar to Abaya. It's a special dress for women that cover the entire body from head to toe. The online stores of Dubai have the largest collection of this clothing. Recently some sites have added the fancy collections of Kandura for part wear.
  •  Hijab: No one is there who hasn’t this collection of Hijab in their wardrobe, especially if they live in Dubai. This is the long veil worn by Islamic women. It's a kind of head wrap which is also known as Shayla. As an alternative, you can also choose Ghafiyah. This is another clothing option that the Islamic person wears during prayer. 

When you visit the online UAE store, you find a range of traditional wear for daily wear and party wear. But recently, many online stores offer eastern and western clothing options. If you want to explore those dressing options, visit the online sites for a better experience.

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