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Contrary to popular assumption, Capstone Dungeons in Diablo 4 support co-op, effectively allowing players to become carried by their friends when they desire to skip a World Tier or two. The open world in Diablo 4 represents a significant departure from the randomly generated maps of past Diablo titles, as not just in the form of the wilderness a set and predetermined path, however, it dynamically connects Diablo 4 players over the same World Tier to provide a persistent, yet diverse online experience. While the events which spawn inside the many parts of Sanctuary remain randomized, the classic Diablo zone design is restricted to its dungeons.

Dungeons in Diablo 4 represent the meat of their gameplay. Legendary traits for Diablo 4's Codex of Power are obtained by completing certain dungeons, as the endgame so far revolves around challenging Nightmare Dungeons on the quest for better loot and tackling the emerging Helltides on view world. To unlock these functions, players must first prove themselves by completing the campaign on either difficulty (Normal or Veteran) and finishing the Capstone Dungeon around the highest difficulty available.

With this understanding in your mind, many players expected that Capstone Dungeons will be a solo experience, preventing the unworthy from unlocking the larger World Tiers until they're ready. According to Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora on Twitter, it doesn't seem to become the case – players can undertake Capstone Dungeons using their friends, no matter their level. The reception to Piepiora's announcement continues to be rather mixed, as some fans believe the seemingly difficult Capstone Dungeons in the Diablo 4 closed beta served may well purpose in personal player progression.

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The developers of Diablo 4 likely decided to offer co-op Capstone Dungeons to support players who either predominantly progress together, or are attempting to catch up using their friends at higher World Tiers. It's a decision that doesn't impact the endgame experience whatsoever, as players still have to tackle difficult content to become rewarded with better loot. Moreover, the concept of being carried at lower levels continues to be a cultural cornerstone of Diablo's community, which is ultimately healthier for that game to provide that choice to players in Diablo 4 too.

It's plain that Blizzard Entertainment is confident in Diablo 4 being a huge success because the company has spared no expense in marketing its flagship title in front of the June 6 release date. Though some have experienced their misgivings using the microtransactions system in Diablo 4, the gameplay itself is solid for most of their classes, and also the story evokes an environment that truly hearkens to Diablo's darker roots. Though its campaign could keep players entertained for any month or two, the quality of their online experience may ultimately decide the game's long-term success.

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