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Today you will find there's a new build guide for Diablo 4, we're taking a look at the 3 best D4 Server Slam Rogue builds level 20 such as the mini Rogue, the number Rogue and also the hybrid Rogue. We'll be also looking into the most recent patch notes from the Rogue changes.

Best Diablo 4 Server Slam Level 20 Rogue Builds - Top 3 Must-Try Rogue Builds for Server Slam Beta D4

If you're after fast melee attacks and sneaky stabbing in Diablo 4, take a look at the Rogue. This build is perfect for this weekend's Diablo 4 Server Slam beta, where you can only reach level 20. Characters don't carry over from the previous beta, so you will need to start fresh with a brand-new character from a few days ago!

The Rogue Server Slam build is going to be testing out the elevated cooldowns from the imbuement spell. For the Rogue patch notes, the Subterfuge skills happen to be buffed for his or her bonuses. And their passives have experienced their bonuses increased, but we do not have enough points for that passives at the moment for that Server Slam. And the Improvement skills have experienced cooldowns increased. So the very first popular level 20 Rogue build in Server Slam is going to be about Twisting Blade, followed using the Flurry build and Hybrid range build.

1. Best Twisting Blade Rogue Build in D4 Server Slam

Twisting Blades is a good leveling skill since it allows you to manage AoE damage on the go. It combines a melee playstyle with higher-than-normal mobility to increase the number of targets hit and fly with the zones. While it isn't the easiest to experience, it feels amazing once everything comes together.

Basic Skills

For the Rogue, we can go with Blade Shift just with a little bit of bonus movement. If you find yourself short on energy, you can opt for Invigorating Strike or you can opt for Puncture, those also work.

Core Skills

Then we'll be going with 5 points into twisting blades and we'll go using the twisting blade upgrades which permit us to possess a lower cooldown once we shoot more twisting blades.

Agility Skills

Because we now have limited skill points for that Server Slam, only 22 points, we'll opt for 1 point into Dash as well as its upgrades that allow Dash to improve Critical Strike damage as well as allow us to slow enemies. Now it's optional to choose the slow part, but you want to deal more damage because enemies are slowed.

Subterfuge Skills

We'll be going with a poison trap as well as a dark shroud. The dark shot is fairly straightforward, the upgrades allow us to possess a higher critical chance which works well with elevated critical damage. The reason to achieve the poison trap is that you want to have the ability to reset imbuement skills and these possess a 30% possibility of doing so. The poison trap itself possesses a 10-second cooldown and when we do get lower cooldowns using the twisting blade, the poison trap will possess a lower cooldown.

Imbuement Skills

And this comes back to the shadow imbuement. We'll opt for 1 reason for the shadowing movement as well as its upgrade that allows us to create enemies more susceptible. So what is ideally going to take place is once we now have the key twisting blade aspects, we'll have the ability to reduce cooldowns from the poison trap as well as in return, the poison trap possess a chance of reducing cooldowns from the Shadow Imbuement and shadowing imbuement can also get reduced cooldown due to twisting blade, that allows us to possess very minimal cooldown.

Key Offensive Aspects

To create this build work, we want the important thing aspects from the blade dance aspects, that allow the twisting blade to become spinning around us. This is a very random and RNG aspect as this does not drop in the first stone. So if you're playing the Server Slam and when you get this specific aspect, it is going to be good. But if you don't get these aspects, it's hard to create this build perfectly. Because if you don't possess the spinning blade, this won't act as well which is the downside.

Specialization/Other Offensive Aspects

The Rogue specialization with this build is going to be Inner Sight which supplies us with infinite energy for some seconds, this works very well using the Edgemaster because Edgemaster aspects offer us rich in damage having a higher resource we now have. So there are a few aspects that may be nice and for that edge master, this is a great one for that diversity from the inner sight specialization. One of the aspects is going to become the Toxic Alchemist aspect that allows us to manage damage to Poisoned Foes with Shadow Imbuement which possesses a 75% possibility of triggering poison explosion. So what which means is you want to possess Shadow Imbuement, you should also poison enemies and when you have both as well as this particular legendary aspect, you will be doing additional damage in terms of the poison explosion. So this is one of the reasons to go using the poison traps as well as the shadow imbuement making the development a little interesting as well as more versatile with damage.

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2. Flurry Burst DMG Melee Rogue Build D4 Server Slam

The second-best Diablo 4 level 20 build for that Rogue may be the Flurry Rogue has higher burst damage. This is an alternative full-melee playstyle that's easier to pilot than Twisting Blades. So in the event, you do not get your blade dance aspects in the legendaries, you can still opt for a melee Fury Rogue. Because flurry it's available in the very first zone, you can craft that one as the legendary codex which is great, simply do the dungeons and you have this one. Now let’s go to the skill trees along with other choices with this build.

Basic Skills

Go with puncher which supplies slow as well as provides vulnerability. Puncher can be also a little bit of a range attack. Then go into 5 points into Flurry as well as its upgrades, we'll be also making enemies vulnerable with Flurry.

Agility Skills

Once we come to the agility section, we'll be going with Shadow Steps as well as upgrades that allow us to stun enemies. Because we'll be Melee Rogue, Dash is a great ability that increases our critical chance, and critical strike damage as well as provide us having a lot of mobility.

Subterfuge Skill

We're also going to have a Dark Shroud which offers us a higher critical chance as well as a bit of damage reduction too.

Imbuement Skills

Then we will opt for Shadow Imbuement, this imbuement is the most popular imbuement for that Rogue which works wonderfully well with Flurry. We'll opt for upgrades to give us more vulnerability.

So ideally with this build, what you would like to do is that you simply want to dive into the enemies with both Shadow Step as well as Dash and then you wish to give you spells with Shadow Imbuement and then you want to become hitting all of them with Flurry which deals tremendous damage, especially using the Imbuement.


The specialization with this mini Rogue is going to be Combo Points. So for that order from the skills, you should also melee attack several times with your normal attack. And this will give us more combo points. And when we hit enemies with a puncher, we'll be slowing them down as well as making them more susceptible. Together coupled with Flurry, we'll be doing lots of damage.

Key Offensive Aspects

Aspects of Enircling Blade: Flurry now deals AOE damage around us.

Other Good Offensive Aspects

Aspects of Retribution: Bonus harm to stunned foes.

Smiting Aspects: Bonus crit to injured & longer crowd-controlled durations

3. D4 Hybrid Range + Poison Rogue Server Slam Build

Coming to the third-best Server Slam build for the Rogue class in D4, in the event you want to test a range build or simply a hot shot build, therefore we are going to create a hybrid build for level 20, and this works wonderfully.

Basic Skills

We'll be going with 1 point into Heartseeker as well as its upgrade which supplies us with a little bit more attack speed.

Core Skills

We'll be going with 5 points into Barrage as well as Barrage can make enemies more susceptible. So this is good because we'll be dealing damage with Barrage as well as other sources.

Agility Skills

We’ll be parking into some of the traps like Caltrops as well as Dash for mobility.

Subterfuge Skills

And around the next part, we'll be going with 5 points into Poison Trap and we want to observe how much from the buff to subterfuge it is perfect for the Poison Trap. And for that poison trap, opt for poison trap or reset imbuement spells.

Imbuement Skills

For our last 3 points, we'll be going with Poison Imbuement which has a 30% possibility of doubling the amount of the poison put on enemies. So if you set a poison trap, you possess a chance of resetting your imbuement spells. And if you're using imbuement, you possess a chance of doubling the poison onto enemies which works wonderfully well. So ideally, we're going to become a range Rogue that deals lots of range AOE damage, we also possess damage with time and lots more damage as traps as well as fun aspects.


We'll be going to have a rogue specialization Inner Sight to give us more abilities to cast barrages quickly as well as to cast lots of barrages.

Key Offensive Aspects

We'll be going using the Aspects of Branching Volley that allows Barrage to possess a chance of splitting into 2 more arrows which supply us with increased damage.

Other Offensive Aspects

- There are some other good offensive aspects, one of the things we can go with is going to become the Aspects of Bursting Venom. So the Aspects of Bursting Venom provide us having a Chance of resetting our spells with imbuement spells. So when you critically hit having a poisoning human spell, 10% possibility of creating a pool of poison that deals damage as well as resets your poison imbuement without any cooldown as well as no charge limit.

- The Blast Trap Aspect can also be quite interesting because dealing direct enemy injuries to enemies that stand within the Trap will offer us increased vulnerability, which gives us more damage with all of the sources.

So they are 3 different builds for the Rogue class in Diablo 4 Sever Slam, which rogue build will you be trying? Melee Rogue, Range Rogue, Poison Rogue, or possibly are you going to go these?

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