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Here we review the best Diablo 4 classes and builds for leveling and killing Ashava fast in Server Slam Beta, since the highest DPS build for Necromancer, Rogue, Sorceress, Barbarian, and Druid!

Diablo 4 Best Classes & Builds For Server Slam

The Server Slam beta is originating out, by which if you can wake up to level 20 and get rid of the level 25 world boss Ashava, you'll win the Cry of Ashava mount trophy and Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item. Defeating Ashava will show a significant test, as the character's level has become limited to 20, unlike prior beta versions. Once the Server Slam starts, the planet boss will end up accessible from May 13 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET and can appear every three hours before the same time on May 14. It's important to observe that the progress of the characters within the beta can't be transferred, indicating that participants from the Server Slam will commence the big event from scratch. So a build that may level as much as level 20 quickly and also has enough DPS to simply kill Ashava may be the one you need to pick for Server Slam! If you're still struggling with how to pick, don't be concerned, the next 5 builds could give you some inspiration.

1 - Best Rogue Build for Server Slam: Twisting Blades Rogue Build

The Rogue has already been a popular class within the Diablo 4 beta, she attacks quickly, alternates between melee and ranged combat, and evades opponents together with her agile movements. The Slayer is popular as a ranged fighter, the build fights with whirling blades and a lot of mobility. You dance around categories of enemies, avoiding all attacks and devastating enemies with flying knives and shadow magic. Your greatest strength may be the mobility that you fly over the battlefield. This Rogue build is ideal for solo fun with high damage output from extremely agile, evades many attacks, may reach even distant enemies effortlessly, and is strong against large enemy groups.

Best Skills for Twisting Blades Rogue

The most significant skills (at level 25):

Basic Skills: Blade Shift (5/5) > Enhanced Blade Shift > Fundamental Blade Shift

Core Skills: Twisting Blades (5/5) > Enhanced Twisting Blades > Advanced Twisting Blades

Agility Skills: Shadow Step (1/5), Dash (5/5)

Subterfuge Skills: Dark Shroud (2/5) > Enhanced Dark Shroud, Alternatively: Poison Imbuement, for instance for boss fights

Ultimate Skills: Shadow Clone (1/5)

If you receive additional skill points or find skills on Diablo 4 items, you need to try to skill as much as "Supreme Shadow Clone". Otherwise, it is advisable to put the points in shadow infusion or shadow clone.

Best Legendary Aspects for Twisting Blades Rogue

You need these legendary aspects:

Blade Dancing Aspect: Screwblades will circle you once they have returned, adding a portion from the damage they dealt in route back

Aspect from the Expectant: When you attack enemies with basic skills, the damage from the next basic skill increases by 5% (as much as a maximum of 50%)

Shadowreaper's Aspect: When you cast dash, a shadow clone spawns which casts dash with reduced damage

Blade master's Aspect (optional): Increases damage according to the amount of primary resource

Energizing Aspect (optional): Dealing harm to elite enemies grants you energy

Most of the aspects aren't guaranteed to be obtained within the beta because they drop into dungeons in Scosglen. With luck, you'll find the relevant items while farming. You can also acquire some by playing the campaign.

Gameplay Tips of Twisting Blades Rogue Build

How to experience the build: Most of the damage originates from the Twisting Blades that you simply push into enemies after which put as numerous enemies as you possibly can between you and also the target. For maximum damage, make use of this rotation whenever you can:

Attacks the enemy 3 to ten times with Blade Shift

Enables shadow clone (at a higher level, otherwise optional)

Activates Dark Shroud

Uses Twisting Blades on any target

Use Dash and move through as numerous enemies as you possibly can

In the finish, you need to stand an as long way away from the enemy as possible and also have as many enemies as you possibly can in a straight line between you and also the target of the Twisting Blades. The enemies are covered with Dark Shroud and explode, which simply wipes out entire hordes.

If you do not have a charge of dashes available or enemies are a too long way away, you should use Shadow Step. Then repeat attacks with Blade Shift and employ up piles of the buffs with Twisting Blades.

In boss fights, you'll use Dash and Shadow Step as additional dodges to dodge enemy attacks. Since you have only one goal here, the fights can be very tough. The build aims to battle many opponents.

2 - Best Sorc Build for Server Slam: Hydra Ice Blade Sorceress Build

Hydra is a vital component of any Sorcerer's build because of its immense power. With Hydra, you can cast and end up forgetting, allowing it to simply dispatch most enemies. By incorporating the abilities listed below into your build, you can further simplify your gameplay. The build's damage output primarily depends upon summoning Hydras, who take advantage of numerous bonuses from legendary equipment and talents. Additionally, the Sorcerer is virtually immortal, because of the passive offering a barrier whenever a technique is used during recharge time. Since the Sorcerer has numerous defensive techniques available during recharge time, they can maintain a large, permanent barrier as the Hydras devastate their enemies. The build also prioritizes conjurations to trigger the passive's additional damage bonus.

Best Skills for Hydra Ice Sorceress

Basic Skills: Fire Bolt (2/5)

Core Skill Passive: Potent Warding (3/3), Devastation (1/3)

Conjuration Skills: Ice Blades (1/5) > Enhanced Ice Blades > Summoned Ice Blades, Hydra (5/5) > Enhanced Hydra > Invoked Hydra, Lightning Spear (1/5)

Conjuration Skill Passive: Align the Elements (1/3) > Protection (1/3), Conjuration Mastery (1/3)

Defensive Skills: Teleport (1/5), Ice Armor (1/5), Flame Shield (1/5) > Enhanced Flame Shield > Shimmering Flame Shield

At level 15, you unlock a quest letting you choose a spell that will passively grant a specific bonus. You are spoiled for choice, the options are numerous. Be aware that you simply must place a minimum of 1 point (via equipment if required) inside a skill so that you can activate it. To make certain choices profitable, the selected spell should be improved as much as you possibly can, when it's a copy that's activated through the enchantment (Ex: Ice Nova, Fireball, Meteor).

Legendary Powers and Aspects for Hydra Ice Sorceress

Powers aren't necessarily associated with specific items, you can extract and infuse them with the Occultist and also the Power Codex. Here is a list of the most important powers you'll need for this build:

Allows you to summon one more active Hydra, but reduces their duration.

Increases damage dealt according to your remaining mana. As you are more often than not at the maximum, it hurts.

Increases damage while protected with a barrier.

You deal more harm to vulnerable targets when you're under the effect of the barrier.

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3 - Best Necromancer Build for Server Slam: One-Shot Blood Mist Necro Build

Necromancers often have fun with skeletons as minions. However, the Blood Mist build just use one skill to eliminate entire hordes of enemies, and the companions like a nice addition. While you do not have to do much to ensure that you build by using it, you need to do need a specific Legendary, without that the build won't work whatsoever. You keep yourself alive against every enemy. This a fierce build that truly takes only one shot to show everything who are around you into gory remnants with massive damage and constant healing, so it's great against groups, elite, and bosses, often invulnerable in battle and hardly need any resources. There is no doubt this is a very beginner-friendly build for fast leveling.

Best Skills for Blood Mist Necromancer

The most significant skills (at level 25):

Basic Skills: Decompose (1/5) > Enhanced Decompose > Initiate's Decompose

Core Skills: Bone Spear (4/5) > Enhanced Bone Spear > Supernatural Bone Spear

Macabre Skills: Blood Mist (1/5) > Enhanced Blood Mist > Ghastly Blood Mist, Corpse Explosion (5/5) > Enhanced Corpse Explosion > Plagued Corpse Explosion

Macabre Passives: Grim Harvest, Powerful Death

Ultimate Skills: Army from the Dead (+2)

Book from the Dead: Skeleton Warriors (Reaper) – Right Circle, Skeleton Mages (Cold) – Left Circle, Golems (Bone) – Left circle

Best Legendary Aspects for Blood Mist Necromancer

The build is only going to unfold after you have found the right Legendary Aspect. This aspect changes the power of "Blood Mist" and enables you to blow up corpses by using it. You then use "Blood Mist" and cast "Corpse Explosion" simultaneously - this is exactly why there are 5 skill points inside it, however, you don't need the skill inside your skill bar. On Beta difficulty, the build works without Blood Mist if you are using Corpse Explosion.

Required Legendary Aspect:

Aspect for that Blood Mist skill

Blood Mist explodes corpses, and every corpse exploded reduces Bloodmist's cooldown

Strong Legendary Aspect:

Aspect for that Bone Spear skill

Bone Spear hits wounded enemies, Bone Spear Shards deal extra harm to wounded enemies

Fortify the build with additional Legendary Aspects that induce more corpses, improve your crowd control effects, improve your overall damage, and improve Corpse Explosion or Bone Spear skills. During the beta, Legendary drop odds are significantly increased.

Gameplay Tips for Blood Mist Nerco

It's by pointing out the interaction of corpses and also the Blood Mist skill. Your minions run into categories of enemies and also you activate Blood Mist. While the skill is active you're invulnerable and receive healing. You also create more corpses from thin air.

The Legendary "Blood Mist" effect causes any corpses you move over within the "Blood Mist" form to explode and ignite the result of "Corpse Explosion" even though you do not have the skill inside your skill bar.

Each corpse explosion consequently reduces the cooldown of Blood Mist. This often allows you to re-ignite the skill directly. You cause massive (area) damage, are constantly invulnerable and there's also healing.

If you find tough opponents or fight bosses, fire off several "Bone Spears" between. They ensure that wounded opponents absorb 20% more damage. Bone Spear also offers strong Legendary aspects, which makes it a powerful complement to Blood Mist.

4 - Best Barb Build for Server Slam: Rend Rupture Barbarian Build

You could be blown away by the power from the effects of the Blood Barbarian which concentrates on hitting opponents with lots of stacks from the bleeding debuff. You mow via a horde of enemies and slowly bleed them dry. For many enemies, simply waiting and moving forward is enough. You also heal yourself strongly against it. This Rend Blood Barbarian build has strong damage against groups, can heal during combat, also works without Legendaries, and small groups can bleed to death following a hit.

Best Skills for Rend Barbarian

The most significant skills (at level 25):

Basic Skills: Flay (3/5) > Enhanced Flay > Battle Flay

Fury Skills: Rend 5/5 > Enhanced Rend > Furious Rend, Pressure Point (1/1)

Defensive Skills: Iron Skin (1/5) > Enhanced Iron Skin > Tactical Iron Skin

Brawling Skills: War Cry (1/5) > Enhanced War Cry > Power War Cry

Weapon Mastery Skills: Rupture (1/5) > Enhanced Rupture > Fighter's Rupture

Ultimate Skills: Call from the Ancients (1/5) > Prime Call from the Ancients > Supreme Call from the Ancients

Best Legendary Aspects for Rend Barbarian

These legendary aspects are strong:

The aspect of Anemia – Bleeding enemies could be stunned

Erasing Aspect (Ring only): Dissect may bring you rage

The aspect of Retribution: Chance to stun enemies when attacking and much more damage on stunned enemies

Aspect of Disobedience: Armor increases per hit, by as much as 25%

The aspect of Berserk Ripping: Part of the extra damage in Berserk mode is dealt as bleed damage

You can forge many of these aspects onto a product via the codex after you have unlocked the appropriate aspect. However, the values from the legendary aspects will always be better if you discover the item and do not craft it. A good source for Legendarys is the planet boss Ashava.

Gameplay Tips for Rend Blood Barbarian

How to Play the Build:

Flay is the ability to generate Rage. With the resource you should use the skill“Rend”. Both actions inflict heavy bleed damage on opponents and already fill the gauges of numerous opponents having a bleed debuff.

They're done, however, they are still standing.

Your other attacks seriously have a cooldown try not to consume Rage. With "Rupture" you deal the entire bleed damage as real harm to an opponent. Great for showing elite opponents who are boss immediately. You also heal yourself for 15% of your health.

As an additional protection skill, you will find the "Iron Skin". Starts the power and throws it inside a potion. In addition, the power heals a little as the shield is active.

Activate your War Cry to have an extra increase in damage. Enemies are going to be pushed from you, you'll receive a big damage bonus and begin berserker mode for several seconds. Few enemies can survive that.

When things get tight, pull your Ultimate. Three Ghost Barbarians, each with unique attacks, can look to aid in combat and provide you with bonuses.

As a barbarian, you need to keep an eye on your opponent's attack patterns and steer clear of any kind of stun because you're often in the middle of the fight.

5 - Best Druid Build for Server Slam: Werewolf Druid Build

After the first disappointment using the class, Druid now slices his way through bosses like a werewolf and quite successfully. This a good melee build that lets 4 werewolves tear enemies apart using their fangs. The Werewolf Druid is a straightforward way to remove elite enemies and bosses, and finest of all, he heals almost as well because of the Necromancer and it is better than a Barbarian. Dying is nearly impossible. As a werewolf druid, you depend on commanding 3 more werewolves and strengthening all of them with your skills. With your buffs, you enhance the wolves, poison opponents, and shred them like a pack. The biggest advantages are that you simply constantly heal yourself and may hardly die, in addition to serving as a support for other players. You are in good hands, particularly in groups.

Best Skills for Werewolf Druid

The most significant skills (at level 25):

Basic Skills: Claw (1/5) > Enhanced Claw

Core Skills: Shred (1/5) > Enhanced Shred > Primal Shred, Predatory Instinct (2/3)

Defensive Skills: Blood Howl (3/5) > Enhanced Blood Howl > Preserving Blood Howl

Companion Skills: Wolves (5/5) > Enhanced Wolf Pack > Brutal Wolf Pack, Call from the Wild (3/3)

Wrath Skills: Rabies (1/5)

Ultimate Skills: Lacerate (1/1)

If you've points left or have more levels through items, you need to expand Lacerate until you can land a guaranteed critical hit. Otherwise, you can continue to construct Rabies, Predatory Instinct, and Shred because these deal probably the most damage.

Best Legendary Aspects for Werewolf Druid

You need these legendary aspects:

Aspect from the Alpha: Wolves become werewolves, deal more damage, and may spread rabies

Aspect from the Stampede: Gain one more companion. Companions deal more damage

Nighthowler's Aspect: Blood Howl also increases critical strike and affects allies and companions

Aspect from the Wildrage: Companions gain the passive bonus of Bestial Rampage

Vigorous Aspect (optional): You gain damage reduction like a werewolf

Aspect from the Blurred Beast (optional): Shred deals poison harm to nearby poisoned enemies whenever you charge

Accelerating Aspect (optional): Critical hits with basic skills increase attack speed

Swift Aspect (optional): Basic skills gain attack speed

Most aspects are mandatory for that build to work whatsoever. Unfortunately, you hardly get any of these from dungeons, you've to farm most of these yourself. You can find the very best farm spots in Diablo 4 here.

Gameplay Tips for Werewolf Druid

This is when you take part in the build: You hardly cause any damage yourself, you simply buff your companions. Your wolves take advantage of all skills and legendaries that you simply have. You still have to fight yourself, since your critical hits result in the wolves strong:

Poisons enemies with rabies cause wolves to complete more damage

Unleash your wolves with an enemy using the Wolf's active skill

Use Blood Howl to buff your wolves

Uses Lacerate on cooldown, ideally with guaranteed critical hits

Attacks enemies with Claw to construct Spirit

Use Shred for additional critical hits, to drain Spirit, to charge distant enemies

Shred, Lacerate and Blood Howl also heal you when used, which ought to keep you in full health the majority of the time. Resource generation isn't a condition in this build because you often attack with claws anyway and have only one consumer.

You wish to criticize as often as you possibly can, even though you don't deal much damage yourself. Brutal Wolf Pack gives your wolves attack speed whenever you critically hit. The wolves are the main supply of damage.

You can also easily evade enemy attacks by charging Shred or using Lacerate. So unlike cowardly Necromancers who command their skeletons from behind, you are a true Alpha leading your pack.

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