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Long fingers slowly cover the chest, feel the beating sound of the heart can not help, I love Luo pursed her lips, in the moment when Chiyo mother-in-law turned around, tears suddenly fell. Naruto, I will see you again. This time, I'm not letting go. On the screen, the young man's golden hair is as dazzling as the sunshine, his blue eyes are stained with sunshine, his smile is splashing, and his slightly curved lips seem to be rippling with a lazy breath. The whole person leaps onto the paper, and the breath that blows on his face makes people admire him. When Chiyo's mother-in-law took over the words, she looked at the teenager with deep meaning, "It seems that you really have a lot of feelings for him." With a touch of tenderness in her rare eyes, I slowly looked at the words in Chiyo's mother-in-law's hand and pursed her lips, "No, it's not as charming as one in ten thousand of himself." Living people, compared to paintings, are enough to attract people a hundred times. That person's every frown, every smile, every hand and every foot has become an indelible existence carved in memory. A month later. The puppet is already done. Looking at the young man made by Chiyo's mother-in-law, I love Luo's eyes suddenly widened, and I can't help sighing at such skill. The slightly curved corners of the young man's lips seemed to be carved just right. Although Chiyo's mother-in-law said that after finally giving life, she would have her own thoughts and consciousness like that teenager, and. Only have memories of them. I love Luo pursed his lips. He reached out to cover Chiyo's mother-in-law's turning ninjutsu with chakra, and then heard her stumbling voice, "It was this child who killed Uchiha Madara with his life." I, I am also very grateful to him. I love Luo, please,liquid bottle filling machine, take good care of the country of the wind, and take good care of this child. I love Luo did not speak, but nodded gently. He closed his eyes and began to recall the dribs and drabs with the young man. When he first saw him, the gentle and refined eyebrows and eyes of the young man, as well as the blue eyes that seemed to be able to see the bottom of his heart, leisurely became the most beautiful ornament on the picture scroll. The young man turned his back to him and his voice floated softly, "My name is Naruto Vortex." From that moment on, the name was deeply engraved in his heart and became his most untouchable taboo. The young man walked slowly towards him and put his lips gently against his ears. His voice was like the wind, like a feather floating gently into his calm heart lake, rippling a circle of ripples. "The one in my stomach is like the one in your stomach. Say hello." The young man's eyes were more crystal clear than the marbles he played when he was a child. The boy stood proudly with a firm expression and no flinch. "You hurt my partner. It seems that I must teach you a lesson." I love Luo, I'm sorry. You have to stay here. "Well, you protect me." The young man's gentle smile became eternal in his memory. Those memories and the light of chakra poured into the puppet in front of him, the puppet slowly restored its white skin, the mechanical surface slowly turned into white as jade skin, golden hair flying in the wind, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,liquid bottle filling machine, even in some dark basement can also blossom the supreme light. The puppet slowly became a living human being. Until the young man in front of him became the same as in his memory, and the sound of breathing slowly sounded in the silent and dark cabin. My mother-in-law, whose hands were wrapped by my love, finally lost her breath and fell down with her head tilted. I love Luo hugged the mother-in-law's body, and her voice, like a breeze, crossed the silent room. "Thank you, Chiyo mother-in-law." After placing the body of Chiyo's mother-in-law, I love Luo to hold the young man who is still sleeping gently in his arms, still as in memory, the faint fragrance of Platycodon grandiflorum on the young man's body is enough to soothe all his flustered hearts. When Naruto opened his eyes, he saw a strange ceiling. When he opened the white bed, Naruto's eyes widened slightly. Looking sideways, he saw the red-haired teenager's sleeping face lying quietly on the white bed. His red hair was scattered all over the bed. Naruto's blue eyes overflowed with a little softness. He reached out and stroked the teenager's red hair. He saw his eyelashes trembling and he was at a loss. He lay down again and closed his eyes tightly. I love Luo felt the touch coming from the top of his head in a daze, slowly opened his eyes, and saw the teenager closing his eyes quite nervously. His face, which had always been expressionless, was quietly overflowing with a faint smile, and even his eyes were as warm as sunshine. His voice was as clear as a stream. "Naruto, don't pretend.". You're awake, aren't you? The boy carefully opened one eye to peep at him, then sat up with his hands up and pouted his lips. "I love you, you always expose people like this.". Rock country, let you out? "Yes." I love Luo only lightly answered, but the hand is gently stroking the young man's hair, feeling the soft touch, the hand is a little trembling. Naruto felt the boy's unusual expression, sighed lightly, and reached for the boy's hand. "Ah, what are you afraid of?". Isn't it all over? The blue eyes are still familiar with laziness, mixed with three points of soothing concern, so that I love Luo's heart as if immersed in the sun, warm. The teenager curled his lips helplessly and put his hand on my shoulder. His tone was quite helpless. "You are always so silent.". If you don't say, how can I know what you are thinking. It's always like this, and it was like this when I took the Nakanobu exam. Clenching the young man's hand, I love Luo is still "En", but the corner of the eye is slightly moist up. Naruto slowly opened his eyes wide, quite at a loss, "ah, ah, what are you crying for?!"! I love Luo, a real man! Why are you crying? Hey, hey, hey, you're still crying. "Yes." "You guy!"! Don't'En '. "Yes." "You guy!" @% # ¥ @ #% The two red lips clung to each other, blocking all the unfinished words of the blond boy. I love Luo began to kiss and trace his lips carefully. At this time, the sunshine is just right. Ka Ming Pian (I) I love you,juice filling machine, but it has nothing to do with you. Kakashi sighed lightly. He can't keep anyone after all. The Uchiha belt earth is like this, the wave wind all people are like this, and. Naruto Uzumaki is the same way.

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