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Dear colleagues, the hospital has been renovated and can finally be put back into use! Work will officially begin tomorrow, and you must cheer up! Although President Jin died of illness, I hope his spirit can still encourage everyone! Yu Chunjiao stood in front of the crowd and applauded herself excitedly, her face full of inappropriate festivity. "For the sake of your safety, the security system of the hospital has been upgraded again!"! Because doctors don't have to work overtime, the access control is set at seven o'clock in the evening. In other words, doctors can't open all the locked doors after seven o'clock. So if there is any work, we should finish it before seven o'clock, so as not to be trapped in some places and can't go back to rest. That's too bad. Nurses need to make rounds in the evening, so the time to get off work is at ten o'clock in the evening. It's really hard for everyone. Correspondingly, the access control will be at ten o'clock. There was a clear voice in the crowd. Everyone looked at their clothes and understood that people with different identities would get different permissions. From the point of view of access control, nurses seemed to have an advantage. They spent three hours more in the hospital than doctors. A man with yellow hair raised his hand and asked, "Hey, I said, head nurse, who is Dean Kim?" Yu Chunjiao was surprised: "My God, don't you know who Dean Jin is?"? He is a great scientific researcher and the founder of our hospital. This kind of empty answer is basically useless information, and the yellow-haired man shyly put down his hand. Gu Meng noticed that the man was also wearing a nurse's uniform. Head nurse, can we leave the hospital at ordinary times? Are there any restrictions? A woman came straight to the point. Yu Chunjiao said cheerfully,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "You can leave the hospital at any time. There is no restriction on your freedom here. If you want to go out, you can go out directly." "So easy?" The woman had some doubts. "What won't happen after going out?" Yu Chunjiao stared, very sure: "Of course not!"! We're safe here! At this moment, the small nurse of one side reminds in a low voice: "Head nurse, lunch time arrived." Yu Chunjiao quickly nodded to show understanding and said to the players: "Well, that's all I have to say. In a word, welcome back. It's almost time. Let's go to the canteen for dinner first." The canteen was on the first floor, and with the head nurse and the little nurse,Beverage packing machine, 14 people took the elevator down in two groups. Following the army on the first floor, Bo Ye walked all the way to see what he thought of. He frowned and said, "Do you think there is something missing in this hospital?" Gu Meng looked around. They had just passed a hall and entered the corridor. Everything was the same as a normal hospital, except that the light was dimmer, the facilities were more dilapidated, and there was blood everywhere. What do you think is missing? Bo Ye looked back and forth, hesitated for a moment, and said, "The sign on the top doesn't indicate where the exit or the safe passage is." Reminded by him, Gu Meng hurriedly looked up and happened to pass a sign, which indicated the location of the first waiting room, toilet and elevator, but there was no "Exit" symbol, and then looked at the walls on both sides, water filling machine ,PET blow moulding machine, there was no green sign hanging on it. He does not understand: "This is irregular, the hospital for the sake of safety, should always indicate the direction of the safe passage and exit." Tang Zhi lifted his eyes and looked at the sign above his eyes. "I seem to know why players can leave the hospital at any time." Enjin walked with her hands in the pockets of her white coat and answered him with an expressionless face: "Because there is no exit here." The author has something to say: Thanks to the two mines in the evening, thanks to the mines in Yanzhu. Thanks to fido for the nutrient solution. It should be changed to a "seven-day escape game", which is relatively simple and crude. Chapter 25 Fire Day. A group of people entered the canteen, sat down, and saw the number of players in the game, a total of twelve people, including four nurses and eight doctors. Far away from them, an old man in blue overalls sat in the corner. He looked like a cleaner or a temporary worker. He was eating facing the wall with a dull expression. Lunch is a simple meal, two vegetables and one meat, hospital food, the taste is not very good. After Gu Meng finished his meal, he raised his cheek in one hand and held a drink cup in the other, pretending to casually look at the two tables next door, only to find that someone was also looking at them, and his eyes became undisguised, looking at each other. Gu Meng withdrew her eyes, shook the orange soda in the cup, and said to the other three people: "There seems to be a new player here. The man and woman at the second table on the right have been asking their teammates questions, and they don't know what their teammates said. The girl looks like she's going to cry." "I thought it was an upgrade game, that is, only players of the same level can form a team to play the same game. For example, if we call it a second-level player for the time being, then we must meet a second-level player in the second game. Now it seems that this is not the case. The game does not limit the level of players." Tang Zhi finished his understanding, took chopsticks to pick up the egg custard, the food was obviously not appetizing, and frowned in distress, "Teacher Gu, I want to eat your cooking." In the past seven days, Gu Meng has been cooking in the wisdom house. The dishes are different every day. The taste is good, but the taste has been raised. Gu Meng was praised, happy in the heart, smiled: "Young master, now make do, or I will go to the canteen, see if I can open a small kitchen for you." After eating, Bo Ye put down his chopsticks, took a paper towel and pressed the corners of his mouth. He said shamelessly, "If you can, help me make one. Anything can be done. I don't avoid certain foods. The dishes here are really.." Refresh my taste buds. Gu Meng quietly rolled his eyes, then remembered another thing that had been in doubt for a long time, and asked Tang Zhi: "Have you already experienced a game before you entered the campus scene?"? How did you suddenly join our copy? Tang Zhi raised his eyelids to look at him, was quiet for a moment, and did not shy away from unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt in front of the other three people, pulling the collar to one side,PET bottle Mold, and there was a blood-red tattoo above the delicate and delicate collarbone, similar to the symbol of "∞", like a small bow.

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