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But why laugh? Did he do something wrong? White Chen slightly a little nervous and uneasy, see such white Chen, Reynolds naturally understand what white Chen is thinking, he hurriedly adjust his smile, he sat in front of white Chen, he slightly hook lips, eyes with a smile, "I deal with these affairs, about need.." Uh Two hours? It won't take much time, but.. “…… So that's what you're laughing at. It takes about four hours for Bai Chen to deal with these affairs. Compared with Reynolds, he is really weak. Bai Chen felt a little sad that he should be laughed at like this. But at that moment, he found that Reynolds's smile was stronger than before. Bai Chen had no idea why Reynolds smiled more brightly. He looked at Reynolds in puzzlement. His tone was not very good. "What are you laughing at?" Bai Chen's attitude toward Reynolds had already become particularly bad when they were doing such intimate things. Bai Chen doesn't think he needs to have a good attitude towards Reynolds, anyway. It's just his body that he covets. Anyway, before long, Reynolds's attitude towards himself will not be as good as it is now. Let's bully him more before he can still be good to himself. With this in mind, Bai Chen's right hand was no longer propped up on his chin, but on the edge of the table, and he did not know whether Reynolds would retort or scold back after he had said these words. It was only after Bai Chen had said these words that he subconsciously realized that his attitude toward Reynolds had become so bad. Such an idea makes Bai Chen a little uneasy. How could Reynolds not be aware of Bai Chen's uneasiness? He naturally noticed that after being with Bai Chen, the second step was to dispel Bai Chen's uneasiness. When you deal with business, you are very serious and attentive, which makes me fascinated. "What?" Bai Chen was stunned. He didn't know why Reynolds suddenly said that. Every time I see you concentrating on your work so seriously, I think that if I deal with things beside you, it will be very inefficient,ultrasonic handheld welder, after all. You are so charming that my eyes are always on you, and I can't take them away no matter what. “…… Then Bai Chen felt that Reynolds's words were so exaggerated that he didn't believe them at all, but. What's the matter with the sweetness in my heart? Bai Chen felt that he was so easy to coax. He used to be a demon, and he also saw many people coaxing their little lovers and making them go round and round. Naturally, he knew that there were scum in the world who liked to play with other people's emotions, but now why did he believe Reynolds so much and expect Reynolds to say more sweet words? Bai Chen was happy and painful at the moment, happy that Reynolds said these words made him feel happy, but at the same time he felt as if. I was cheated. And not only to deceive the body, but also to deceive the emotions, even the soul will be deceived. But he has no way to stop it. Bai Chen couldn't help subconsciously holding his chin with his right hand. He felt very sad, but he couldn't stop it. He could only watch himself go to extinction like this. I like you very much, especially. When Reynolds said this, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, his smile was quite sincere and sweet at the same time, so sweet that Bai Chen's heart felt slightly warm. But Bai Chen felt very sad, and he knew that the smile was just to coax him, and that it would soon disappear. The more he understood this truth, the more Bai Chen felt sad. He rubbed his eyes slightly, and Reynolds naturally saw Bai Chen's little action in his eyes. He didn't know why Bai Chen was suddenly so sad, but he knew he had to work hard to give Bai Chen a sense of security. In this way, while Bai Chen was dealing with his affairs, Reynolds was watching. Reynolds has been staring at Bai Chen, Reynolds with action to tell Bai Chen, for him, he felt that Bai Chen is very important, unusually important. But when it was time for dinner, someone suddenly came over. It was Reynolds' right-hand man. The purpose of their coming was to let Reynolds return home. Reynolds, as the king of Reynolds, he naturally had to go back. What's more, the monster country is moving again, their purpose is revenge, and this time the target of revenge is naturally the Renault country and all mankind. But what they hate most is the country of Renault. After all, Renault had designed to defeat them before, so that they lost everything and suffered countless casualties. The monsters of the Monster Kingdom all hate the people of the Renault Kingdom. Reynolds, as a king, had to go back. Bai Chen also understood this, so the next day, he held a banquet and personally saw Reynolds off. Reynolds was sent away in such a mighty and glorious way. But after Reynolds left, Bai Chen felt lonely. He knew Reynolds wasn't coming back for a while. And his relationship with Reynolds is like this. Neither salty nor light. Bai Chen doesn't know what to say, anyway. Think of it as taking what you need. Bai Chen comforted himself like this, but he had a nightmare in the middle of the night. The content of this nightmare is that Reynolds went to find someone else. When Bai Chen woke up, he still remembered his sad mood in the dream. He seemed to be looking for Reynolds, trying to stop Reynolds, but suddenly it rained heavily. He was wet by the heavy rain and fell to the ground, covered with mud, but he was still trying to find Reynolds. As soon as Bai Chen thought of this, Bai Chen felt that he was really. I'm terminally ill. Mingming is so embarrassed, Mingming is raining, but also want to find Reynolds. Sure enough, I am. Are you crazy? Soon Bai Chen gazed at the night sky, which was really dark at this time. Soon it was day. Bai Chen got up slowly. He went to the hall outside to start the routine meeting. After discussing with the ministers, Bai Chen began to read books in his chair in boredom. Bai Chen originally thought that he and Reynolds would meet again no matter what they said. Or rather,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, a letter will be received. But who knows, a month has passed, and there is no news. It seems to go on like this all the time.

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