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Searching the street for the missing sketch may be the day 2 mission from the An Artist Adrift quest in Genshin Impact.

An Artist Adrift quest in Genshin Impact is a daily reset-locked mission where players need to wait until the following day to progress through it. After meeting Julien for the first time and helping him find his luggage, Paimon asks the Traveler to visit and check on him the following day.

Head to Julien’s camp and players will discover that he’s not there. After meeting the artist, he’ll mention he lost his sketch within the cave. To help Julien search the street for the missing sketch in An Artist Adrift quest in Genshin Impact, players must keep a sharp eye on the hidden passage.

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How To Search The Road For The Missing Sketch In Genshin Impact

To search the street for the missing sketch in Genshin Impact, players have to get a hidden passage within the cave. From the entrance, walk forward and turn left when the street splits.

Afterward, continue walking until there’s a glow on the floor. Investigate the spot and walk forward slowly as there’s a concealed road right ahead that’s simple to miss.

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Enter the hidden passage and continue walking until there’s a Farrwick. Take the street with the green spirit to search for that missing sketch within the An Artist Adrift quest in Genshin Impact.

Soon enough, players will discover some Hilichurl surrounding another drawing board. Defeat the enemies and investigate the spot. Afterward, look ahead for Pepper.

Approach Pepper and claim the sketch. The canine will run to the camp, so now players must go back to Julien.

An Artist Adrift - The Story of Julien

Back at the campground, Paimon asks the artist about the drawing, convinced that he took it having a special Kamera. However, Julien reveals he drew that. He has a chance to draw things realistically, but he doesn’t perceive color the same way as others, meaning his jobs are often viewed as having incorrect color. This ability can also be bestowed upon him and is not a direct result of hard work, which convinces him he deserves this deficiency.

Julien says he journeys to Sumeru in the hope to locate a cure for his condition. However, he's come to terms this cure isn't easily accessible for any mere mortal like him. After thanking the Traveler and apologizing for not having the ability to reward the protagonist more, Julien makes one final request to become guided for the main road.

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