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Bleed sorceries are powerful spells in Elden Ring that deal considerable amounts of magic harm to your enemies whilst causing one more bleed build-up. With a range of spells to locate and use within the Lands Between, you need to branch out and cope with different types of harm and status effects.

Bleed has historically been a strong status effect in Elden Ring's short background and even the longer-running Dark Souls series. Bleed effects deal a portion of harm to an enemy according to their max health, which makes it incredibly useful again to powerful enemies with massive health bars.

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Where To Find Briars Of Punishment

Briars Of Punishment Location On Map

To discover the Brairs of Punishment, begin with the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace within the northern mountains from the Lands Between. From here, visit the left side from the ruins, hugging the nearby mountain, and stick to the path east, using torrent to carry on around the mountain by using it on your left.

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Follow this mountain around its base, keeping it on your left the whole time. Eventually, you'll arrive at the other side, where you will see a long bridge and three different cliffsides to operate along. Go to the middle plateau which has a large tree around the edge. Here you will find three Thorn Sorcerers, each getting the different Briars spells available. With all three of these being so close, it is best to kill them from the distance or on horseback not to quickly obtain a bleed effect using their three spells hitting you at the same time. A lootable body is going to be at the base of the dead tree, along with you obtaining the Briars of Punishment.

Using The Briars Of Punishment

Briars Of Punishment On Menu

Briars of Punishment is a unique spell for the reason that it requires faith to memorize together with scaling for damage, which makes it a more likely selection for faith-based builds that predominantly use incantations. Brairs of Punishment requires 21 faith to memorize, trying out one memory slot, together with requiring 9 FP to cast. Much like its counterpart Briars of Sin, this spell also necessitates the player's own HP to cast, utilizing their blood to create the Briars. This spell deals magic damage within an AOE around the caster, together with applying a bleed buildup to the enemy's hit.

Due to its faith requirements, this spell might not be the best selection for an intelligence-heavy build. This spell is cast by the staff and could work better as a unique alternate skill for players who usually concentrate on incantations. This spell includes a slightly wider AOE than Briars of Sin, hitting more enemies in a greater range but dealing less damage along with a smaller bleed buildup. While this spell is less efficient, the longer range causes it to be a safer selection for those not wanting their enemies to get too close.

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