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by on April 9, 2020

If you seriously want to invest in custom T-Shirt printing, using screen print, then this article will provide valuable insight as we reveal some advantages of using screen printing as your option.

(1) not subject to the size and shape of the substrate restrictions

General printing, can only be carried out in the plane, and screen printing can not only print on the plane but also in the special shape of the molding on the spherical surface such as printing, the shape of things can be carried out by screen printing.

(2) layout soft printed small

Soft and flexible screen.

(3) strong coverage of ink layer

Pure black paper can be printed on white, strong sense of three-dimensional.

(4) Suitable for all kinds of inks

(5) resistant to optical performance

Can print the same luster. (No effect of temperature and sunlight). This makes printing some stickers, without additional coating process.

(6) Flexible printing methods

(7) plate making convenient, cheap, easy to master the technology

(8) strong adhesion

(9) Pure hand-screen printing, but also machine printing

(10) suitable for long-term display, outdoor advertising expressive

Accurate and Quick

The production of tees using screen printing is fast and quick. This means that you can produce bulk orders in a small period. Thus, advertising can be done in a short amount of time as well. Just know that screen printing will make your business free of hassles.

Perfect for New Businesses

Did you know that screen printing works perfectly with startup companies? They are cheap and quick in production

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